About DIY Houze

Welcome To DIY Houze!

DIY Houze is established with some visions as following:

  • We have a huge reference source which is incredible one to look up and learn about DIY as well as Woodworking field.
  • We give some tricks, tips and advice about woodworking and DIY field according to the sciences and personal experience.
  • We provide a lot of videos about making everything in DIY and woodworking field.
  • We create a connected community where both of you can learn and support together.

How to connect us?

You totally could find us on the social networks such as Twitter, etc. We always response all of the questions in these social networks.

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On the other hand, we are also looking for others who might want to contribute your experience, advice, and knowledge about DIY and woodworking field. Thus, if you want to share your own these things, please do not hesitate to send us through the email address: michaelbaker@gmail.com. In addition, you can contact us here.