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We all know that getting information about chainsaw chain is somehow challenging and is not an easy task. This is because website, blogs and other digital information centers where we can get genuine information in regards to chainsaw chains are scarce.

And that is why we have come to help you out as we have crafted the best information from reliable sources for you. If you could pay attention, you’ll get all the vital information needed by you to choose the best chainsaw for your needs.

Criteria like the price, model, chain gauge, chain links, chain types, and others will be provided to you in this article and by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll be able to select your choice of chainsaw chain independently and provide vital information to people needing the same in future.

Let's dive in now.


What is a Chainsaw Chain?

Chainsaw chains are metallic made materials that are fixed, rotates around the sword and directly performs the cutting action associated with a chainsaw with the help of its teeth. The chainsaw engine drives the chain and thus, it’s the controller of the sword and the chain parts.

When you are ready to get your choice of chainsaw chain, it is advisable you purchase brand that is the same with the chainsaw and sword for effectiveness, accuracy, and neatness of what so ever you intend to cut.

This is because getting dissimilar brands may turn your professionalism to amateur due to irregular cutting that may arise during cutting as the replaced part may not fit well into the chainsaw during the coupling if they are not of the same model.

Not only the neatness, effectiveness, and accuracy issues will the same model overcome, but it will also bring the risk of accident that may arise during coupling or when the chainsaw is in action down to zero levels.

On the other hand, if the chainsaw chain has a fault such as worn out, shorter size or dull teeth and is not quickly rectified, this may also retard your working speed, affect your effectiveness, pose a serious risk to you and may also affect the chainsaw sword. Thus, costing you additional money.

Features to Look into before Choosing Your Chainsaw Chain

Before choosing your choice of chainsaw chains, it is advisable to know the amount of money you are willing to expend, type of work you are willing to do with the chainsaw machine along with three important parameters such as chain gauge, chain pitch and the number of driving links.

The understanding of these parameters will not only put you on the safer side, but it will also let you know the probable fault that may arise after the chain has been purchased and how you could easily fix it.

These parameters are:

1. Chain Step

You must be extremely conscious and specific to get the measures corresponding to the chain step of your current chainsaw to make it easier for you. This is because the length of the chain is smaller.

If you carefully measure the three chain rivets of the chainsaw, this will provide you the exact measurement of the chain step. Irrespective of your chain model, the measurement will fall into either of these four chain standard 1/4, 3/8, 0.325 and 0.404.

Also, during your chain measurement, we strongly recommend the usage of inch format because most spare parts are available in this format.

2. Number of Links 

Depending on your choice, the total number of Chainsaw links can be counted in two ways both which give accurate result without taking your time. Although, regular users always prefer one to the other. Still, both choices give accurate results and shall be described in this article.

  • The basic is the most commonly used method to determine the total number of chainsaw link. The number of links using this method could be achieved by placing the chainsaw on a flat surface.
  • I know it may be somehow difficult for newbies to recognize the chain, don’t worry as I will give you a concise description that you will find useful in recognizing the chain-link now.
  • The chain links are rectangular or triangular metal shaped linings that are circularly perforated and enveloped the sword. They rotate from the bottom to the top of the sword when in action.
  • The second method involves the placement of the links on the chain and counting them in twos. It may be somehow difficult to count using this method, but it is the fastest way to count the links.

All in all, extreme care must be taken when counting the number of links to avoid accident.

3.The Chain Gauge

When choosing your chainsaw, don’t forget to put more attention on the chain gauge. Chain gauge is defined as the thickness of the chain link and it must be properly fit so that it can allow easy passage of the chain.

Otherwise, the chain may derail, hang or ceased from rotating without performing the expected task perfectly and this may affect your work. The standard form which chain gauge measurement exists are 1.1, 1.3, 1.5 and 1.6 millimeters respectively.

To save your time and get more details about the measurement process, kindly check the model's manual or as prescribed for you at the workshop where you purchase the machine.

5 Best Chainsaw Chain in 2020


Product Name

Best Feature

Best for Beginners and Experts

Best for Smooth and Efficient Cutting

Best for Working on Home Projects

Best for Heavy Duty Project

Most Comfortable

1. Stihl 2 IN 1 Easy File Chainsaw Chain Sharpener .325"  – Best for Beginners and Experts

Stihl 2 in 1 chain is specifically designed to meet the demands of novices and occasional users. This is because it is easy to use even without having any previous knowledge of chainsaw chain before.

This device is made up of metal and during sharpening, you’ll easily recognize and view the area you are sharpening. Also, there is a link painted in green on the chain to signify for you, where you start sharpening the chain so you can know how far you’ve gone with your project.

Also, this chain is built with a line etched that you can line up with the bar to keep in a right angle and you can easily replace the affected part without any stress. Thus, If you are a novice looking for the most accurate chainsaw chain output, then you shouldn’t look for any chain except Stihl 2 in 1 chain though, an expert can also use this chainsaw.


  • Has two small hash marks on the aluminum guide that are not visible in the product picture.
  • The direction is written on the plastic.
  • It has a specific file drilled for a specific size and is the easiest to use available chainsaw.
  • Effective in cutting and consistent throughout.
  • Replacing the affected body part is easier without even consulting anybody for a guide.


  • It is fragile and the teeth may get dull quickly.
  • It is expensive.

2. Oregon S40 AdvanceCut 10-Inch Chainsaw Chain Best for Smooth and Efficient Cutting

This is a hard chrome, heat-treated and consistent cutting metallic chain saw that cut smooth and has a minimum kickback.  Oregon S40 is a quality made durable product that can cut fast because its chain is very sharp and can also work for a longer period without developing any issue.

Household tasks are easy to carry out thanks to the use of the chainsaw chain. Also, Its links allow cuts in various materials to obtain the expected results.

Thus, this device is positioned as one of the best available in the market. If you are a regular chain user, Oregon S40 is widely recommended for you.


  • Cut smooth without any or low kickback a d durable
  • Their customer service is very responsive and are available 24/7
  • The chain is very sharp and effective in fast cutting
  • The box comes with a sticker where you can easily recognize any chain that is needed for replacement.
  • It cuts the toughest wood with ease yet, the chain retains its sharpness.


  • It may not fit perfectly with some chain such as poluan pole saw because the chain may be too large for it.

3. Husqvarna 16-Inch H30-66 (95VP) Pixel Saw Chain – Best for Working on Home Projects

If you try Husqvarna product, then you will be amazed that a cheap priced product can offer high-quality service like this. This high-performance low vibration product is an ideal chain for experts who are willing to perfect their cutting in the backyard.

This item fits perfectly for home works, including cutting plastics or woods. With this, you’ll be able to fulfill your domestic needs that arises. Also, Husqvarna offers lawnmowers, ride on mower, trimmers, etc. and is easy to install.

If you wish to work for a longer period of time without having the problem of teeth sharpness, Husqvarna is the key but just make sure you sharpen it very well before you begin the operation.


  • Low vibration when in action.
  • Cheap when compared with other products that offer the same services.
  • When sharpened, it can serve you for a longer period just make sure you keep oil in the provided oiler for easy access.
  • It is easy to install and sharpen when dull and this stays for a longer period.
  • It can trim grasses, flowers, etc. perfect and smooth.


  • It may not fit perfectly to others or the same chainsaw.
  • It may be difficult to start and once you stop it, it may also be difficult to restart again.

You are tired of all the available chainsaw chain and you don't want them anymore, why don't you try Oregon S45 AdvanceCut. This chain is a high film strength built chain that prevents the metallic part from wearing, corrosion, etc. and works perfectly in adverse weather condition.

This unique chain is designed for all chainsaw brands and it offers fast cutting, lower friction, and strong engine power also. Also, it comes with a lubritec oiling system that offers maximum power for the engine.

It provides chainsaw with the ability to penetrate wood barks and is made of a resistant material that’ll make it last longer and suitable for cutting of  wood cuts for use as firewood.


  • Has a specialized stickier oil for effective lubrication of the power chain.
  • Effective in protecting the cutting system from extreme friction.
  • Built with a high film strength that prevents the metallic part from being wearing and corrode.
  • The oil is thicker and the consistency remains the same throughout.
  • Quartz oil is cheaper.


  • It cannot be used with a normal chain saw bar and oil by recommendations.
  • The oil that comes with this chain may not be much.

5. Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw   Most Comfortable

This is a 36 Inch Long Chain that is portable, light weighted and can be hand folded. If you found yourself in some situation such as camp, hunting or any emergency situation that requires cutting, this chain is widely effective for you.

Sportsman pocket chainsaw comes with a bag and belt to make it firm to the body. It is built with quality materials that prevent corrosion, rusting, etc. thus, serving you for a longer period.

This item allows clean and effective cuts so as to speed up any household chores you’re performing, like chopping of wood for a heating medium during the winter or pruning of bushes.


  • It is a carbonated 65mn thick chain that can be sharpened manually using 5/32 round chainsaw file.
  • They offer Money Back Guarantee, flexible and can be kept in a small bag.
  • It is built with an 8mm round fire starter and the teeth won’t dull easily.
  • It cuts with ease and faster due to the numerous effective teeth it has.
  • It cut both big and small trees


  • It is not a double-sided teeth chain.
  • Someone should not stand near the operator when in action because its lengthy size may make it injure the person.

How to care for Your Chainsaw Chain?

You must be very careful during the course of maintaining your chainsaw chain. We advise you to put on quality protective such as booth, gloves, rubber clothes, etc., to reduce your risk vulnerability.

This is because the chainsaw chain is very sharp most especially, the teeth and if care is not taken, and it gets in direct hard contact with your protective, it may tear and penetrate them thus, giving you a fatal injury.

Make sure you wash with detergent, dry either by air, sun or by mopping the washed part with subsequent applying of grease carefully to prevent rusting or other damaged that can affect the chain.

During the course of doing this, you should be very careful not allowing the detergent or grease to come in contact with the area that they may cause problems as this may result into knocking, malfunctioning, and or total damage to the chain.

Also, an unforeseen event like sudden dullness of the chain's teeth due to heavy work is inevitable, therefore, we strongly advise you to get a file designated for sharpening the teeth of the chain in the exact angle and direction so as to prepare yourself down against this unforeseen event and to facilitate your work.

Although, the cutting action of the chain is associated with its upper part. Still, if this layer is shorter than 0.6cm and is not uniform with others after sharpening, it’s possible it didn’t cut smoothly and it may also get broken during the action which may pose a big threat against you.

So, therefore, it is necessary to look into this before you begin working, and once you discover any fault, make sure you don’t dearly proceed without fixing it to avoid an accident.

However, for mild daily users, it is advisable to sharpen the chain at least once a week, while regular hard users are advised to sharpen it daily for quick, effective and stress-free work.

It is advisable to sharpen the chain with a file which is available at your disposal at a low rate. Using file is very easy and you don’t have to go to file machine sharpener. The more you sharpen it yourself, the more you become expert in the manual sharpening.

How Long Does Chainsaw Chain Last?

There is no specific answer to this as this depends on work been used for, level of maintenance and model of chainsaw chain.

If you are a mild regular user the chainsaw chain should serve you for 2-3 months why if you are regular hard user, it shouldn't last you more than 15 days to change except you are playing your life.


Knowing the exact work you intend to use your chainsaw for and understanding the features it encompasses before buying it will be helpful to you to determine the chainsaw chain needed for optimum function.

Also, the best safety measures such as wearing of quality protective like glove, boot, etc., when changing or repairing worn out chains should not be overlooked as the teeth of the chain are so sharp and can cause serious injury when in direct contact with the body.

Once you are through with this process, then new chainsaw chain can then be fixed with the chainsaw sword to replace the worn out one and check whether it is properly fixed. If fixed correctly without any objection, you can then use the chainsaw for cutting.

The reason why special attention is always given to the chainsaw chain is that the real cutting function of the entire chainsaw depends on it.

Also, my best pick product is Stihl 2 IN 1 chainsaw chain because this chain is easy to use, durable and also perform a smooth cutting. It is also affordable and if faulty, replacement is easy without even taking it to an operator for fixing.

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