Best Cordless Jigsaws On The Market 2020 – Top 5 Product Reviews

Are you looking for a saw which can make both straight and curved cuts in a wide variety of materials? What you all need is a jigsaw, actually, a cordless jigsaw.

 However, there is a bundle of jigsaws in the market, which jigsaw should you purchase? What are some best cordless jigsaws on the market recently? Let’s find out the answers in this article.


1. Why Do You Need a Jigsaw?

First of all, as mentioned earlier, jigsaws are the only portable power tool the can make both straight and curved cuts. As a result, possessing a jigsaw can help woodworkers to get the job done faster than using a hand-held coping saw.

Secondly, different from other tools, jigsaws can cut more than wood. When fitted with the correct blade, jigsaws can cut not only wood but also steel, drywall, or fiberglass. If you are afraid that it would take much time to change the blades, then no worries. Changing blades is super simple and easy with a jigsaw.

Thirdly, jigsaws can make bevel cuts without using an adjustable table as other tools. Most jigsaws can be angled up to 45 degrees for bevel cuts.

Fourthly, jigsaws are children-friendly and easy to use. With a special design, a jigsaw does not require much strength to hold and use it. Moreover, it is straightforward to use, and requires no experience level. Especially, jigsaw is an important tool used to make pumpkin carvers when Halloween comes.

Among different types of jigsaw, a cordless jigsaw is ideal for using because it can cut elaborate curves without worrying about any accident or being impeded by a dangling cord.

 In fact, cordless jigsaw is a great all-purpose saw that suitable for all sorts of materials which any woodworker should possess at least one. However, with all different cordless jigsaws out there, which will you choose?

2. Benefits of a Cordless Jigsaw

The primary advantage of using a cordless jigsaw is its convenience and flexibility. You can use it anywhere and at anytime since it does not need a adjustable table and electric power connection, but you will need to charge the battery full before using.

Moreover, cordless jigsaw is more famous in market for its less vibration when in operation as compared to the corded jigsaws. You can enjoy working for a longer time without being annoyed by the sound or getting tired, and be able to control the tool easily with less force as others.

Next, a cordless jigsaw uses battery, so you can totally enjoy working with a cordless jigsaw for tasks which require much time to get it done. You won't have to spend time on changing batteries or always bring other recharging stuff with your jigsaw anywhere.

Lastly, a cordless jigsaw provides ease of movement while working in stead of having to move the corded saw around when working. Therefore, using a cordless jigsaw can avoid unwanted serious accidents and more convenient, as comparing to other jigsaws.

3. Tips on Choosing a Good Jigsaw

Besides choosing a jigsaw which is cordless, there are other features that you should consider before purchasing one jigsaw.

1. Manufacturers

Well, people often compare buying a jigsaw as buying a car. If you are already loyalac to any tool brand or company, go for a cordless jigsaw of that manufacturer. It would make you feel safe and familiar when working.

 If you need your jigsaw on every weekend, you should invest into a Lithium-ion cordless jigsaw since the battery lasts longer, requires less time to recharge, and the machine weighs less.

However, a Li-ion jigsaw is quite expensive. As a result, if you are not too handy and just use the jigsaw for plywood cuts, then go for a NiCad cordless jigsaw. Even though its battery needs more time to be recharged, it is still enough for a small project.

2. Size matter

It is said that the higher the volts are, the higher the power is. An 18-volt cordless jigsaw would be suitable for you to use unless you are a pro and need a jigsaw with higher volt. With a good 18-volt jigsaw, you can go through most of big projects such as framing, deck buildings, and plywood cuts.

3. Speed

Should you go for a fixed or variable speed control jigsaw? For occasional uses, you can choose a single/fixed speed cordless jigsaw.

For some other cases, however, a variable speed jigsaw is more convenient. Why? For example, some materials can burn or scorch if the speed of the blade is too fast while cutting.

 Also, if you need to cut wood, you will need to cut it as fast as possible to reduce vibration. In general, being able to control the speed of the blade is still better, isn't it?

4. Extras

Of course, there are other features that people often pay attention to before deciding which jigsaw to buy. For example, along accessories like a good LED light and belt hook, ability to quickly and tool-free change the blade, and being able to adjust the base plate

  Top 5 Best Cordless Jigsaws 2020

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What are some Best Cordless Jigsaws on the Market?

​In this section, I will review the best five cordless jigsaws which have been received good reviews from the users recently. Hope it will help you somehow to make a reasonable purchasing decision.

The first cordless jigsaw I want to talk about is an 18-volt jigsaw of the famous Dewalt brand. The keyless blade change system of this jigsaw allows you to use universal and t-shank blades. The saw has a 4-position orbital action with unique counter-balance mechanism.

 Moreover, with the speed range from 0-3000 strokes per minute, the jigsaw helps you to cut straight and curves through solid wood, plywood, plastic, metal, any building material, and even nail-embedded wood. Also, the all-metal keyless shoe bevel allows you for easy bevel cutting at 0, 15, 30, and 45 degree.


  • Quick and easy blade changes
  • Variable speed control
  • Low cost
  • Not too heavy
  • Great build


  • Tool only, no battery included.
  • Little difficult to make the blade stay at some first tries
  • No light attached

Overall, if you would like a jigsaw which is perfect for residential uses, price is not so expensive, light, and going to last for a long time, then you can definitely put your trust on this product.

The second cordless jigsaw is a 20-volt jigsaw from the Porter Cable company. This jigsaw features a variable speed trigger which you can easily control the saw to make clean and accurate cuts.

Additionally, with 3 orbital settings, you can easily adjust the cut aggressiveness across different applications. The saw uses t-shank blade and has a tool-free blade release. The dust blower helps to clear the debris while working. Also, you can make bevel cuts from 0 to 45 degree with the beveling shoe.


  • Quick and easy blade changes
  • Good enough for most projects
  • Powerful and accurate
  • Long life


  • The shoe is stamped, need a tool to change bevel setting
  • Only tool, no battery includes
  • No light
  • No blade holder

If you want a lightweight and easy-to-use cordless jigsaw, you can try this one. It is very comfortable to handle and perfect for house tasks and in field use.

Another recommended cordless jigsaw is an 18-volt jigsaw from the Hitachi brand. Different from the two above products, this product offers a tool-less blade changing system which allows for reduced downtime and quick blade replacements. 

Especially, with an on-tool blade storage which is able to hold up to 6 blades, it is more convenient when working in the field and can save much time. Furthermore, you can easily make accurate and efficient cuts with the 3-mode orbital action.


  • Less weight
  • Led light for precise cuts and convenient visibility
  • Lifetime tool warranty from the company
  • Can successfully work on a variety of material


  • Lack power
  • Tool is heavy
  • Does not cut through something well
  • The safety switch and trigger are not well designed for convenience while working.

Overall, this product is perhaps good for light projects which require less time and power to get done. If you like this jigsaw, it’s better to purchase a bigger battery for longer use.

Another high-rated cordless jigsaw is an 18-volt variable speed jigsaw of Makita brand. It is well designed with the beautiful color and easy for handling. Other highlighted features of this jigsaw are tool-less blade changing system, 3 orbital settings plus straight cutting, large 2-finger variable speed trigger, and heavy gauge.


  • Smooth, fast and efficient cuttings
  • LED light is awesome
  • The speed is easy to control
  • Easy to change blades
  • Long life


  • Heavy
  • Only tool, no battery includes

So far, this cordless jigsaw seems to be the finest one we have reviewed. It covers other jigsaws’ good points, but also price is a bit higher. However, You can definitely purchase one and you won’t regret for your decision.

Bosch is always famous for its products because of their well quality and good warranty. Some highlighted features of this cordless jigsaw are: adjustable footplate allows you to make bevel cuts up to 45 degree, one-handed blade insertion and ejection, small grip diameters, on-board bevel wrench storage, and an exact-fit insert tray allows you to store the tools organizedly after working. A 12-volt jigsaw would be enough for small projects.


  • Convenience and ease of use
  • Reduce user fatigue during extended use applications
  • Light weight, only 4.2 pounds
  • The blade is easy to extract and install
  • LED light
  • Well balanced and quiet while working


  • Does not have a trigger switch
  • Not so powerful as the 18-volt jigsaws
  • Only tool, no battery includes

In general, it is a great little saw if you only need it for small in-house installs. With smooth cuts, obviously light and convenient, you only need a good Li-ion battery with this product for long uses.


In conclusion, above is review of some best cordless jigsaw on the market recently. Of course each product has its own pros and cons, the importance is which one you like more. Depending on your woodwork purpose and objectives, you can choose the most suitable cordless jigsaw for your projects based on this review.

Also, before making the final decision, you should also ask for advice from jigsaw professors for more detailed reviews and consider their price to see if it is reasonable. I hope this article is useful and didn't waste your time on reading it. Do like and share this article to friends if you have enjoyed reading it.

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