5 Best Jigsaws Review for 2020 – Top Rated Product

​Jigsaw is an invaluable tool, that helps in making clean and precise straight line cuts, rounded shape cuts, straight curve on metals, tile, woods, countertops, etc.

 The Jigsaw shouldn’t be confused with a circular saw and it makes your woodworking project easier and faster than using a handsaw and hacksaw.
Here is a link to a YouTube video that explains how to choose and use a jigsaw


Description of the Various Models of Jigsaw

Jigsaw adaptability to various activities and functions makes it a favorite among carpenters, DIY enthusiasts, woodworkers and construction workers. There are different models with capabilities that work best for some particular projects

1. The wireless jigsaw

The cordless jigsaw is the ideal saw for those looking for an easy-to-use tool. It has the advantage of making the movements of the handyman easier and especially allows the jigsaw to rotate smoothly. On the other hand, its defect is its lack of autonomy, which does not allow to use it on an unlimited working time.

2. The wired electric jigsaw

The wired or portable cable jigsaw is the one that allows you to work long. In fact, it is less easy to handle than a cordless saw.

3. The pneumatic jigsaw

This jigsaw model offers technical features far superior to the electric or wireless jigsaw. The pneumatic jigsaw has performances close to those of a professional tool. Its price is higher than other models of jigsaws.

How to Choose the Best Jigsaw?

In addition to its maneuverability and autonomy, several criteria must be taken into account in order to choose the best jigsaw.

1. The power of a jigsaw

The power determines the height or depth of cut of the tool. For occasional use and cutting of weak materials, a jigsaw with a power of 400 Watts is sufficient. For more common and difficult cuts, choose a power of 600 W. In general, the power of a jigsaw is between 350 and 750 W.

2. The speed of a jigsaw

The speed determines the number of strokes of the blade per minute. For a more practical and especially versatile use, choose a jig saw with variable speed (in principle from 500 to 3,000 strokes per minute).

3. Convenience

Among the features that make a Jigsaw user-friendly and useful, are anti-vibration, laser cutting guide, dust collection system and built in lights features. With these extra features, your woodworking project will become more enjoyable.

4. The handle of the jigsaw

Two types of handles are present on a jigsaw depending on the model. A handle called "stirrup" or "mushroom." Choose the mushroom handle for a portable cable jigsaw and more precise work.

5. The blades of the jigsaw

The quality of the cut depends largely on the choice of jigsaw blades that must be adapted to each material. These blades are made of materials such as tungsten carbide, bi-metal, high speed steel and high carbon steel.

To cut wood, choose steel or high carbon steel blades. To work with metals, choose a high speed steel blade. The perfect blades for cutting hardwoods and heavy duty materials are bimetal. While the tungsten carbide is ideal for cutting ceramics.

The blade measurement is per inches. The speed and precision of the cut influence the teeth quantity. Jigsaws possessing small count of teeth like 6-20 are used for cutting soft objects like wood, cloth and paper.

While hard materials like steel and ceramics are cut by blades with 14- 36 inch per teeth in order to ensure a precise cutting at a slower pace.

6. The pendulum movement

This function is not present on all jigsaws but the option of pendulum movement (particular movement of the blade) helps to reduce the force when cutting objects, to a avoid heating the blade, to increase the cutting speed and the performance of the jigsaw.

How to Use a Jigsaw? Usage Tips

jigsaw is very easy to handle. Amateur hobbyists will have no trouble using this indispensable tool at home. A jigsaw is used to saw many materials with blades that differ depending on its use.

To cut a material in a straight line, it is necessary to wedge this material flat and to block it if possible with clamps. Equip the jigsaw with a blade corresponding to the type of material to be cut.

Then simply put the front of the jigsaw bases on the cutting board and advance slowly keeping the sole plate on the support, following the rectilinear trace that you have drawn beforehand.

Jigsaw Safety Guides

The safety rules that apply to any power tool also apply here. Always remember to wear your safety glasses every time. Buy quality set of gloves and keep your hands away in case you are working with a metal or wood.

5 Best Jigsaw 2020

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This tool has proven itself as one of the best jigsaws currently available in the market. It is efficient and delivers accurate results. It is also ideal for beginners and professionals.

This tool comes with a 7.0 amps powerful motor and 120 Volt with a variable-speed option. You can also set its speed to suit the project currently being worked on. It has 4 orbital-action settings, and its constant response circuitry ensures the maintenance of your speed.

This jigsaw possesses the ability to provide blade stroke of different types for making aggressive and smooth cut.

Bosch JS470E is very easy and safe to use because of its tool-less blade ejection lever that protects you from getting in contact with hot blades when changing them.


  • It is user friendly, works smoothly and easy to carry.
  • It is well built, powerful, vibration free with an easy to change blade.
  • The jigsaw has a firm grip because of its lightweight and ergonomic handle design.
  • It gives flawless performance under heavy load.


  • It has no LED light making it difficult to work with, in a low-light situation.
  • It’s difficult to guide the cut along curved paths, and you have to go slow to prevent the blade from bending.

Black & Decker Smart Select 5.0A Orbital Jigsaw is the perfect tool for you if you want to add functionality and remove uncertainty from all the cuts you are making. This tool gives you control by allowing you to saw smartly while also making fewer mistakes in your work.

It also has a SmartSelect dial, possessing seven speed settings (almost 3000 SPM), that give you options and variability for cutting. With this, the best orbital setting is automatically activated for an easy, smooth and efficient work.

Being a corded model, its power supply is reliable, and you save money on batteries. Black & Decker Smart Select 5.0A Orbital Jigsaw flexibility allows you to carve both curved and straight lines cut making it perfect for things like building and home decoration projects.

This tool also has a tool-free blade change feature, which allows you to change the blades manually without using screwdriver wrenches.


  • With its functional blower, your cutting space is always free from debris.
  • It is a low vibration tool that gives accurate and smooth results.
  • Its automatic 7 orbit settings are perfect for both beginners and professionals.


  • It tends to curve when cutting even after setting it to go straight.
  • Its quick blade release feature doesn’t click easily, making it difficult to decide whether the blade is locked in or not.

DEWALT DCS331B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Jig Saw was specifically designed with the aim of improving comfort, ergonomics, tool-less blade change and time spent for better productivity. You feel comfortable while holding it because of its anti-slip comfort and its design has been enhanced with a keyless shoe bevel.

It is the perfect tool for contractors, finish carpenters, furniture makers, remodelers, kitchen fitters and flooring installers wanting to cut and install different types of materials such as plastic, steel, ceramic, wood and aluminum. It is also easy and quick to change the blade due to its tool-less blade change ability.

DEWALT DCS331B speed range also allows you more control when cutting various types of materials. For a clean and smooth cut, it comes with an adjustable blower that helps remove debris and chips from the line of cut.

With speed variability (0-3000 SPM), it can work efficiently on large applications and material plus it can also be adjusted by pressing the trigger.


  • Its orbital settings can be easily adjusted.
  • Changing the blade is easy and quick.
  • Its blade stays straight, easy to maneuver and the battery last longer.
  • It feels comfortable when holding and provide good visibility as a result of its dust blower.


  • It uses T-shank blades only.
  • It comes with no inbuilt laser light, making it unfavorable in a low-light condition.
  • It is heavy.

This portable cable jigsaw features a low-vibration mechanism, powerful motor and an internal precision tool that provides accurate cut-lines. You can easily adjust its operating speed ( 500-3100SPM ) with its variable-speed .

It can cut aluminum up to 7/8 inches and wood 5-7/8 inches making it an efficient jigsaw for cabinet makers, installers and carpenters. This saw also has a large die-cast aluminum footplate that is easily adjustable with no tools plus it has a dust blower that provides clear visibility on the cut-lines.

Its gearbox is made of aluminum covered by an insulated material. Using Bosch 7.0 Amp Corded Variable Speed Barrel-Grip Jig Saw JS470EB allows the smooth operation of your project without breaking down under multitude task. It has a toothless blade ejection and a blade clamp that holds the T-shank blades firmly.

It also has 4 orbital-action settings that comes with various blade strokes useful for making smooth to aggressive cuts.


  • It’s powerful, fast and deliver smooth results.
  • Its cord is pretty long and the blade is easy to change quickly.
  • It has a low-vibration mechanism and easier to control.
  • Its air dust blower provides visibility for the cut-line.


  • It is big and heavy, making it uncomfortable for women or men with small hands to handle.

Bosch JS365 is a powerful tool that has a tool-less blade change system and speed settings that allows you to make a cut from smooth to aggressive one at a fast pace.

Its powerful 6.5-amp motor is placed beneath its solid plastic body and it’s suitable for multitude tasks over a long period of time. Its ventilation system helps maintain the power at the highest level when working in order to deliver efficient and effective performance.

It has a cutting capacity for aluminum is 7/8 inches, softwood is 3 and half inches and that of mid-steel is 3/8 inches. So if you are a professional craftsman or a beginner, most of your project works can be done with this tool effectively.

Among the crucial features that any jigsaw must possess is variable-speed options. So if you press the speed button softly, the blade speed become reduced and if pressed harder the blade will move quicker.

It provides stability and accuracy and also comes with a tool-less blade change system plus it has 4 orbital-action settings that make it easy to work on any material.


  • Its powerful ability enables handling of various materials with ease.
  • It is stable and provides clean and accurate results, which leads to a quality performance.
  • Ideal for newbies and professional craftsmen.


  •  Its blade isn’t easy to control
  • It doesn’t use U-shank blade.


For any DIY enthusiast or professional construction worker,  looking for a high quality woodworking tool, Bosch 7.0 Amp Corded Variable Speed Barrel-Grip Jig Saw JS470EB with Carrying Case is the perfect jigsaw tool to use.

It has a pretty long cord (making it easily extendable and it is portable), low vibration mechanism, a powerful motor, dust collection system and a variable speed that ranges from(500-3100 Stroke Per Minute).

Its handle is the mushroom type, making it ideal to provide a clean and smooth result. Its cutting ability for aluminum is up to 7/8 inches and wood is 5-7/8 inches more than any jigsaw mentioned in this post and makes it ideal for installers, cabinet makers and carpenters.

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