Best Jointers In 2020 – Review Before Buying

The best wood jointer is definitely what you would need to make a piece of wood as straight and smooth as possible. There are a lot of models of wood jointers on the market and without choosing carefully, you might end up getting a low quality wood jointer.

And what is the point of owning a wood jointer if you couldn’t straight or smooth a piece of wood with it. Therefore, it is very important that you know about what to look for when buying a wood jointer and choose one carefully.

This article below will provide you information about what to consider in a wood jointer and how to look for one that meets all of your needs and requirements.

Read on at the end of the article for the 5 best wood jointer reviews and see what you can have on the market.

What to Consider When Choosing a Wood Jointer?

​A wood jointer uses several knives and blades to cut and smooth the surface of a piece of wood. Overall, you need put the piece of wood you are working with on a feed table against the fence then move the wood across the cutting blades or knives.

Wood jointers are different in table lengths, width of the jointers and different types of blades and knives. Hence, there are a lot of things that you need to consider when choosing a wood jointer on the market.

1. Design

On the market, wood jointers come with 3 different types of designs including closed stand, open stand and benchtop design.

While the choices of which design is the best for you is based on personal preference, it is worth noting that the closed stand wood jointer is most effective in term of keeping dust and debris from getting into the motor.

It is also heavier and more stable, hence, is more capable of handling heavy duty tasks. On the other hand, an open stand jointer is more flexible and comfortable. It is also cheaper in comparison with closed stand model.

The smallest type among all is the benchtop design. This type of wood jointer is suitable for a small working station. However, it doesn’t work well if you cut wood longer than 6 inches. Not to mention that it is the least stable.

2. Cutterheads

There are 2 types of cutterheads that you can find on the market, which are the straight knife cutterheads and the high speed steel knives.

The straight cut would leave your wood perfectly flat, especially when you run it at a low feed speeds.

On the other hand, the high speed steel knives leave spiral pattern. The choice of which cutterheads you need to consider is up on you.

3. Bed Width

The next thing that you need to consider is the bed width of the wood jointers. Most of these machines on the market come with 2 options of bed width- the 6 inch bed and the 8 inch bed.

The latter will generally cost more than the former. Most of the household projects will do just fine with the 6 inch bed.

However, if you have to deal with long piece of wood, you should go for a wood jointer with an 8 inch bed.

4. Cutting Depth

The cutting depth of a wood jointer indicates how deep each time the wood jointer can cut to the piece of wood you are working with.

With a ½ inch or ¾ cutting depth, it would take less time to straight a piece of wood than when you use a wood jointer with a 5/8 cutting depth.

5. Dust Collection Port

This feature of wood jointer is very helpful in case you want to keep your working station clean and tidy. It also helps to prevent any accidents which might arise when the working station is full of dust and debris.

6. Motor Horsepower

This will determine how powerful a wood jointer is and its capability when dealing with different types of wood.

The standard horsepower is 1. With this level of horsepower, your wood jointer would be able to smoothen both of the hardwood and softwood.

There are many things that you need to consider when choosing a wood jointer including the warranty and the manufacturers.

Choosing a reputational and high quality wood jointer manufacturer will ensure you could buy a good quality product worthy of the manufacturer’s name.

Some of the best manufacturers for your consideration include Jet, Powermatic and CUTECH, to name just a few.

In addition, you should only buy a wood jointer when it comes with at least 1 year warranty. Other wood jointers might also come with 5 year warranty, which needs to be considered as well.

Last but not least, read the best wood jointer reviews that you are going to buy on the market. Amazon is a great site for you to look for other’s opinion and experience of using a particular wood jointer on the market.

Top 5 Wood Jointers Review 2020

Rank Product Name Score


Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6-Inch Jointer with helical cutterhead


JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX 6-Inch 1 HP Jointer with Quick-Set Knive System, 115/230-Volt 1-Phase


JET JJP-12 12-Inch Jointer Planer


Powermatic 1610086K Model 60HH 8-Inch 2 HP 1-Phase Jointer with Helical Cutterhea


Cutech 40160H-CT 6″ Bench Top Spiral Cutterhead Jointer


1. Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6-Inch Jointer with helical cutterhead

This wood jointer is a best wood jointer from Powermatic. It features a helical cutterhead with 4 sided knife inserts. The infeed and outfeed tables of this wood jointer are 66 inch long. It uses one horsepower, 1 phase and 115/ 230 volt motor.


  • The 40 four side knife insert system and the helical cutterhead of this wood jointer is capable of making a clean and smooth cut without causing any noise at all. It also allows you to work on the wood regardless of the grain direction.
  • The durability of the carbide along with the low impact and shear cutting of the inserts ensure that this wood jointer can work for a very long time.
  • This wood jointer is easy to set up and operate. You can work with a wide range of wood using this wood jointer including oak, cherry and walnut, to name just a few.
  • The base of this wood jointer is super stable and grounded, helping you to do a better job while ensuring your safety.
  • The fence controls are center mounted so that it is super convenient for you to control the machine. It also offers a high performance system with the supporting and tilt mechanism and large cast iron pieces, which make the machine works accurately.


  • You might find it hard to access to the on/ off button of this wood jointer.
  • It is quite difficult and not as portable.


2. JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX 6-Inch

In the search for the best wood jointer on the market, I am sure that you would come across one or two wood jointers from Jet.

The company has been around for many years and continues to enhance and improve their products and this product is of no exception.

This Jet wood jointer has ½ inch rabbeting capacity with the 33 1/8 inch long fence with the 45 and 90 degree stops. Other features include 2 high speed steel knives and 4 inch dust port.


  • This wood jointer comes with hand wheels, which is quite easy and convenient for you to change the table adjustment to the exact measurement that you want.
  • Moreover, it comes with a dust port which works well and effectively to keep your working station as clean as possible.
  • The exclusive auto set quick change knife system of this wood jointer helps you to change 3 blades easily whenever you need them.
  • The ground cast iron tables are precise and of professional grade. It is also quite long with a smooth and flat precision machined finish that ensures the best accuracy.
  • Along with the two way tilting fence with positive spots at 45 and 90 degrees and the industrial push button controls, it is easy for you to operate this product.
  • Last but not least, the design of this wood jointer makes it suitable for heavy duty projects and makes the product last for a long time.


  • The locking nut can be out of alignment really easy, especially when you tight it.


3. JET JJP-12 12-Inch Jointer Planer

Here comes another wood jointer from Jet. This product provides three high speed steel knife cutter head for rapid cutting and a superior finish.

It features a parallelogram design, extra large aluminum ebytruded fence and a powerful 3 HP induction motor.


  • The most significant feature of this wood jointer is that it offers both the jointer function and the planner function in a single machine. It saves you both money and space. In addition, you can easily switch between two functions in just about 30 seconds.
  • This Jet wood jointer has a powerful 3 HP induction motor to help you deal with the toughest and most heavy duty tasks. It also comes with a magnetic on/off switch with a built in limited to prevent excessive variances in the electrical power from damaging the motor effectively.
  • With its unique design, this wood jointer allows you to adjust to a precise depth of cut adjustments. With its oversized hand wheels and knobs, it is also easy for you to handle the machine.
  • The 3 knife cutter head of this wood jointer planer is of high quality for both planning and jointing functions.
  • This wood jointer is super compact, allowing you to work with it in a small working station.


  • It is a little bit difficult to get the tables and the knives to be properly aligned.
  • The planar is a little bit too fast for the wood to be smoothened without excessive tear out.

4. Powermatic 1610086K Model 60HH 8-Inch 2 HP 1-Phase Jointer

Here comes another product of Powermatic. Bearing some of the same features as the Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6 inch wood jointer, this 8 inch jointer has a helical cutterhead with four-sided inserts and long table of 73 inches.


  • Also like the Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6 inch wood jointer, this wood jointer comes with high quality cutterhead to ensure that you have the smooth and quite cutting with this machine.
  • You have a wide range of knives and blades to choose from including a three knife cutterhead, a helical cutterhead and four sided knife inserts
  • It is easy and convenient to work with this wood jointer- it has a super long table which is capable of working with long pieces of wood. It also has high mount switch for operating and hand wheel for smooth fence tilting.
  • In addition, it features an efficient adjustment lever for quick infeed table positioning and fine tuning of cut depth.
  • Last but not least, it has a built in dust collection bag which is effective and capable of doing its job well to keep your working station clean all of the time.


  • The motor is quite heavy, which make it difficult to budge it up to allow slipping on the belt.

5. Cutech 40160H-CT 6″ Bench Top Spiral Cutterhead Jointer

This cutterhead jointer is the most popular product of Cutech. It is the spiral cutterhead with 12 HSS inserts featuring the benchtop model. It fences with 90 to 135 degree tilt.

It has a 6 inch width capacity and 1/8 inch maximum depth capacity and sports 30” of total table length for those longer boards Using the powerful 10 amp and 120V motor, this jointer is suitable for both technicians and DIY hobbyist.


  • With the dimensions of a 30 inch table and a 20 inch fence, it is about the same size as other benchtop units so if you have worked with benchtop wood jointer before, you will find it easy to work with this one.
  • In addition, this wood jointer offers 12 2-sided inserts and its 2 ½ dust port for you to work with wood without tearing it down and have a great chip evacuation.
  • It is easy to install and operate this wood jointer. It only takes you around 20 minutes or less to assembly the product from its original package.
  • Last but not least, thanks to its compact size and light weight, you can easily carry the wood jointer around and transport it to the job site. It is therefore suitable for anyone who has a small working station and tends to work with short pieces of wood, of no more than 6 inches in length.


  • This Cutech wood jointer is of spiral cutting type instead of the true helical type. Hence, it doesn’t have as many inserts.
  • Furthermore, this wood jointer is not as stable when you joint longer boards.


After reviewing about 5 of the best wood jointers on the market, the best choices for DIY hobbyists are the ​JET 708457DXK JJ-6CSDX 6-Inch and the Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6-Inch Jointer with helical cutterhead.

They both come in the compact sizes with the suitable capability that can help you to smooth and straight most of the pieces of woods.

There are a wide range of blades and knives to choose from as well. In addition, they are convenient to set up and operate with.

When these wood jointers are compared together, the best choice for you is the Powermatic 1791317K 54HH 6-Inch Jointer with helical cutterhead.

It has all of the features that you would need in a wood jointer- the ability to work with a wide range of woods of different types and hardness.

Not to mention that it offers one of the highest level stability, ensuring your safety while you work on your project. In addition, it has easy operation which is suitable for both professional technicians and DIY hobbyists.

While this wood jointer is quite expensive, its heavy duty construction and durability will ensure that your initial investment will last for a long time.

With a lot of options to choose from- from the 6 inch bed or 8 inch bed, to the spiral cutterheads or straight cutterhead, the number of choices for you is simply endless.

I know that the process of choosing the right wood jointers for you is surely overwhelming. But trust me, it is also rewarding at the end. With a suitable and high quality wood jointer, you would be able to straighten woods and decorate on them easily.

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