5 Best Metal Drill Bits for Professional Technicians 2021 – Buyer’s and Guide

Metal drill bits are heat resistance metal cutting pieces used in making circular holes when placed in a mechanical device that rotates them.

Professionals and DIY enthusiasts looking for best metal drill bits should therefore consider both the material hardness and extraction speed.

Hard metals like stainless steel require even more special bits that can withstand more pressure and friction. Here, we’ll be working you through the step by step guide to choose the best metal drill bits your jobs.

How to Choose the Best Metal Drill Bits?

To correctly choose the best metal drill bits, it is best to ask about the type of metal you are going to drill.

Metals have different densities, a characteristic that justifies (apart from the difference in weight between two metals, such as lead and aluminum) their hardness and resistance to perforation.

This density determines the design of the bit, which should be harder than the metal we want to drill: a bit that pierces the aluminum with ease will hardly be able to scratch an alloy of iron and carbon.

To deal with the problem of the density of metals, metal drills can be made of different materials and be composed of different elements that improve their hardness and thus the quality of their drilling.

Below Are Types of Metal Drill Bits

1. High speed steel (HSS)

High speed steel bits are used to make holes in soft metals such as aluminum. Generally, these drill bits have a layer of titanium nitride. This helps the drill cut more smoothly through the metal without locking it. High speed steel bits can cut any type of domestic metal.

These drill bits, which are usually black, can withstand more heat than other drill bits. They are the cheapest of the metal bits because they do not last as long and need to be replaced before those of cobalt or titanium.

2. Cobalt drills

Cobalt bits are also used to make holes in metal. These have a copper finish and are more expensive than other metal bits. Cobalt bits are the best choice for making holes in stainless steel and other hard metals because they are stronger than high speed steel bits.

Cobalt drills are kept cooler than high speed steel drills, which makes them a better choice for drilling hard metals. Doing this can take more time than making holes in soft metals, so a drill can heat up. A bit become weakens as it heats up, so keeping the cobalt bit cold increases its strength.

3. Titanium bits

Titanium bits are also good for cutting hard metals such as stainless steel and iron. These last three times longer than those of high speed steel. The axes of the titanium drill bits are larger than the HSS. As a result, they are less likely to fend off or break.

Drilling in metal requires more pressure in the drill, which can put tension on the axes of the drill. Because it is stronger than any other metal, titanium bits do not wear out as fast. Instead of sharpening or replacing them, they can be used longer.

Features of Metal Drill Bits to Look into When Buying One

1. Diameter of the bit

This represents the tool external cylindrical measurement, also referred to as the bit cutting diameter, which means the hole size created using the tool.

2. Length of the bits

There are two length measurement to be examined in metal drill bits, on one hand is the complete measurement between the ends of the tool and on the other hand, there is the cutting length of the bit.

In the total length of the tool between ends, there are bits of different sizes (extra-short, short, normal, long and extra-long) for the same diameter, everything depends on the depth to be worked on the material.

And we must also consider the length of cut, which is defined by the length of the drill’s propeller. Although it is true that only the tip of the tool works, this length defines the depth of work by the eviction of the chip removed in the task.

3. Cutting angle

This is the angle of the bit at the tip, which is the working area of ​​the tool. The most common angles to find are 118º and 135º

4. Handle of the drill bits

The metal drill bits are provided at one of their handle ends. This handle is the mooring area of ​​the tool with the bit holder of the drill.

We can find drill bits with cylindrical, conical and flat-faced hexagonal handles. It is also possible that on occasion you may need bits with the handle reduced or reduced in diameter.

5. Propeller angle

These angles are variable depending on the hardness of the materials to be worked. They are defined by letters according to the angle of the bit:

  • N – the propeller has 30º angle, its use is usual for all types of materials.
  • W – for angles of 40º and 45º, suitable for drilling metals such as brass and aluminum.
  • H – with angles of 15º and 20º, also called slow propeller, suitable for voluminous chip materials.
  • S – with an angle of 35º and normally used to drill the stainless steel.

After having made a general review of which are and the parts of the metal bits, we will make another review of the most common types and their recommended utilities.

How to Care for Your Metal Drill Bits

Despite its high quality resistance, metal drill bits need a lot of concrete care. These drills are mostly used for hard work, so they become easily heated. In lieu of this, to make it durable, it is best to cool it constantly when being used, which can be achieved with special oils for drill or water.

In addition, it’s highly important to possess a drill sharpening machine, because it promotes the durability of the drills, in order to extend its good working life.

5 Best Metal Drill Bits 2020

Product Name Weight Score

DEWALT DW1354 14-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set

12.0 Ounce

Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set 

4.0 Ounces

Chicago Latrobe 150 Series High-Speed

47.2 Ounces

Bosch TI14 Titanium Metal Drill Bit Set

15.2 Ounces

Bosch CO2148 21/64 In. x 4-5/8 In. Cobalt Drill Bit

0.8 Ounces

1. DEWALT DW1354 14-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set – Most Reliable

DeWalt DW1354 is a 14-piece titanium coated bits offering rugged performance, complete, reliable and convenient plus it guarantees long life operation when used to drill non-ferrous metals.

This titanium coated drill bits can also be used to drill plastics and woods effortlessly plus they are suitable for residential and commercial applications. DW1354 bit set comes in a rugged plastic case that includes bits of size 1/6” to 1/2” inches.

These drill bits are suitable for heavy jobs by drilling through any metallic objects and still maintain their sharpness due to the titanium coating that helps lower heat buildup when drilling and its durability.

It also features a screw helper attachment and a magnet that helps secure the screw and allow you to drill with one hand.


  • The small bits do not break.
  • It is suitable for heavy jobs and guarantees a long term operation.
  • It comes in a small compact and durable case.
  • It can be used by both do-it-yourselfers and professionals.


  • It has few small bits.
  • Poorly designed case because it makes fitting the bits inside difficult.


2. Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set – Most Sharp

Neiko 10193A is a compact drill bits set made of titanium coating mixed with standard high-speed steel to guarantee its long term usage. This also proves the toughness and capability of this drill to work on different types of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, copper and so on.

The two flute shape design provides the easy escape route for the material particles to ensure a  smooth, fast and clean drilling operation.

It comes with 3pc step drill bits which are: 1/8-inch to ½-inch, 3/16-inch to ½-inch, ¼-inch to ¾-inch, that prevents you from drilling deeper than you actually intended. Package contains one titanium coated ¼” – ¾” 9-step bit and one titanium coated 3/16” – ½” 6-step bit.


  • It can drill through metals easily.
  • It’s very sharp, rugged and cut clean holes easily.
  • It drills quickly and smoothly making it a time saver for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.


  • It is unsuitable for heavy jobs and everyday use.


3. Chicago Latrobe 150 Series High-Speed – Most Versatile

Chicago Latrobe 150 Series drill bits set coated with black oxide that functions as a lubricator that lessens the wear and tear of the dill bits while increasing the coolant and bit flow.

It also features 29 HSS drill set of size 1/16” to ½” in 1/64” increment. This HSS gives hardness protection to the drill bits in order to prevent them from getting wear out easily.

Chicago Latrobe 150 Series drill bits set also offer versatility for mid-range drilling and a round shank that can easily adjust to most drilling chucks. The spiral rotating shape of the flutes provide an easy escape route for the chips and let coolant to spread easily to the cutting-edge.


  • The tips are finely finished and evenly grounded.
  • The bits are suitable for professionals who work everyday.
  • The sturdy box and holders are easy to use.
  • The drilling bits guarantee long term working operation.


  • It doesn’t come with some smaller bits.


4. Bosch TI14 Titanium Metal Drill Bit Set (14 Piece) – Most Durable

Bosch TI14 Metal Drill Bits coated with titanium was specifically designed to fulfill the tasks performed by contractors, facility maintenance technicians or HVAC, plus other professionals who need strong, reliable, and rugged bits for general drilling work on metals such as light-gauge metal and high-carbon steel, including plastic and wood.

The split-point bits tip has been programmed to ensure a clean and accurate start when drilling holes. The bits can also last twice longer than standard drill bits, due to its titanium coating and tip design.

This drilling tool three-flat shank design also provides protection to bits of size 3/16 inches by holding it firmly from slipping off.


  • It requires no pilot holes before starting accurately.
  • It is firmly held, which prevent it from dancing around when being used.
  • It is strong, reliable, durable and effective.
  • It is a nice drill bit.


  • It is in a big plastic case that suck up space.


5. Bosch CO2148 21/64 In. x 4-5/8 In. Cobalt Drill Bit Best Drill Bits

Bosch CO2148 cobalt drill bits were ideally made to drill hard steel, due to its hardened surface that can easily penetrate tough and hard materials such as: such as: titanium, light gauge metal, aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, ally steel and high carbon.​

Its thick and rigid web helix design allows easy removal of materials at a faster rate plus it guarantees long term usage for a smooth and effective performance.

Each of these heat resistance bits is made per specifications and has a split point that starts drilling on contact with no skating or walking, thereby eliminating the use of a center punch.


  • It drills hard metal easily making it suitable to heavy duty jobs.
  • It is of high quality, cuts perfectly and durable.
  • It doesn’t get the hole  clogged and easily removed from the holes with no catches.
  • It has nice and good bedding.
  • It is resistant to heat.


  • It pilot tip can not be sharpen as you can do in regular drill bits so as to enhance it efficiency.


My best pick from the above drilling bits is Bosch CO2148 21/64 In. x 4-5/8 In. Cobalt Drill Bit. This drill bit set is available in different sizes to cover diameters when needed. Among the many features of these powerful drill bits is its heat resistance ability, durability and guarantee to work on any metal materials.

Bosch CO2148 21/64 In. x 4-5/8 In. Cobalt Drill Bit will deliver a top notch performance whenever you used it if you always apply coolants to it. These powerful drill bits are the go-to guy for professionals looking for reliable bits that guarantee long term operation for heavy duty jobs.