Best Mini Circular Saws -The 4 Best Options For 2020 Review

Are you looking for a good circular saw for your household projects, but all circular saws you know are too heavy that so difficult to carry it around. Well, I recommend you to use a mini circular saw instead. This article will answer the most popular questions that many of you have raised “How to choose the best mini circular saw”?


An overview on Best Mini Circular Saw

1. Finding the best circular saw for your project

A circular saw is a compact, portable, and efficient, but some of them are only effective for certain and specific tasks. Hence, you need to clearly understand what your project is in order to choose the best circular saw for it. Here, we will discuss the features of a circular saw that you should look for before purchasing a circular saw.

2.1. It is said that the bigger is the better

Circular saws are designed with different sizes which based on the diameters of the saw blade. The size range is from 4” to the most common size 7-¼”. However, most mini circular saws are equipped with blades of 3”- 4”. Therefore, mini circular saws are less powerful but more portable than a full-size circular saw, and it is better to choose a 4” mini circular saw than a 3” one.

Moreover, whether the circular saw is good or bad, is typically rated by horsepower and RPMs of the saw blade. When choosing a circular saw, you should choose the saw that has higher horsepower than other models. Particularly, a good circular saw should have at least two horsepower as it is less likely to bind when loading.

2.2. Safety is the most important feature

Whoever you are, whatever you do, make sure that the safety is carefully examined. Therefore, before selecting any circular saw, you have to check its safety features. For example, whether that saw has a safety switch, which must be held before the trigger can be depressed.

Also, check if there is a blade guard that can move easily when pushing the saw through wood, and returns in place when the saw is away from the stock. Always remember to read, understand, and follow the safety instructions before using the saw in order to avoid unwanted accidents. In addition, you had better to wear safety glasses during the work since the circular saw can be dangerous.

2.3. Make sure that the saw’s controls are easy to adjust

The ease of adjustment is very important while working. Therefore, make sure to check if the controls are easy to adjust. Also, check to see if the controls can be firmly tightened to hold the depth or angle. The depth of the cut should be adjusted from 0 to about 2-⅜ inches on a typical 7” model. Likewise, the control of saw blade should also be adjusted to easily bevel from 0 to 45 degree.

Top 4 Best Mini Circular Saws review 2020

Alright, it is time to take a long and deep look at which mini circular saw is best for you and your DIY projects in case you don't want a heavy and hard circular saw. I'm going to give you some great options to choose from.

Well, actually, it is quite difficult and impossible to claim one mini circular saw as the best mini circular saw. Depending on each person’s priorities and purpose, which product meets his priorities the most, is the best for him.

The first pick is the most favorable mini circular saw that many woodworkers choose. The RK3440K is a famous mini circular saw of Rockwell- a trusted brand in construction and home industry. It possesses the power of a heavy circular saw, but with a compact, well-balanced, and lightweight design.

Even though its blade diameter is only 3.4 inches, it can produce up to 3500 RPM, packs 4 amp power, has a maximum cut depth of 1.15 inches at 90 degree. This mini saw comes with a metal guard which accommodates safe and easy plunge cuts. Moreover, with the built-in laser guide, you can easily align the cut.


  • Work effectively on hardwood, concrete, steel tubing, siding, and more materials.
  • Grip and lightweight, compact, and very portable
  • No work fatigue
  • The plunge cut indicator is present


  • It is a corded device
  • Laser battery runs out fast
  • No beveling capacity

The second good mini circular saw that I want to introduce to you is also a product of Rockwell brand. Some of its highlighted features that you can consider are: excellent design which is very compact, easy for woodworkers to handle, and effective, it is powerful and functional enough to replace the oversized 7” saws.

Also, the gripping system improves comfort and helps the operator to have better balance and even can control over the tool with just one hand. You can clearly see the cutting line with the saw blade on the left side. The blade is also very thin and small, which offers the minimum stress while working.


  • Easy to replace the blade
  • Versatile cutting, you can cut plexyglass as well
  • Light weight, great balance
  • Accurate cutting
  • Quick setup and easy cutting adjustment


  • Does not have a holder
  • Frail in tile cutting

If you have any small projects around your home, but you do not want to carry a big heavy circular saw, then you can go for a Rockwell mini circular saw. This is a great choice for you because of its lightweight, sufficient power, and good handling.

Many women find it is difficult for them to do woodwork because most of circular saws are too big for their small hands. However, the next mini circular saw is totally designed for women to hold in a very comfortable position. The blade is on the left-side which you can see the cut-line very clearly. Moreover, you can make quick adjustments during the project due to the easy-set depth gauge level and the bevel setting.


  • Easy to use, especially designed for small hands of women
  • Thin blade
  • The trigger lock is well placed and easy to use


  • No storage case includes
  • Not work well on many types of material
  • Take quite long time to finish the cut

If you don't have much woodwork to do and only small projects, go for this one because of its convenience and cheap price. It is also well designed for women’s hand.

The last mini circular saw I want to review is a LI-ion cordless mini circular saw from the famous Makita brand. With the motor delivers 1500 RPM, the cutting time will be shortened a lot. Also, the blade size is 3-⅜ inches allows you to make maximum cutting depth of 1” in 90 degree angle on plywood, which is not very popular in other mini circular saw. This product is also equipped with bevel capacity. Moreover, the soft grip provides you a better control over the gadget.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent power backup
  • Easy to change batteries
  • Trigger is located perfectly for hand
  • Storage case is qualified for its convenience and extra place for blades


  • Not very powerful
  • Slow cutting

If you cutting requirements is only small, light projects in household chores, surely this balanced and light circular saw is your perfect choice at the moment.


In conclusion, whatever your mini circular saw needs, I hope one of the above four mini circular saw has won your trust. How to choose the best mini circular saw? Besides depending on your specific requirements, you can also consider some features such as price, bevel capacity, weight, adjustment, and safety. Be a smart customer and make a wise decision. You won't be disappointed no matter which mini circular saw you have decided to purchase.

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