The Top 8 Best Miter Saw Review for 2020 – Buyer’s and Guide


Miter saw is the best tool for cutting in the market. With the help of best miter saw, you can bevel, crosscut and miter without any hassle. Whether you are chopping or molding, the miter machine can make your life easier. If you want one machine for the cutting purpose, then it should be the miter saw.

1. Knowing the Category

The first thing which you need to consider is to understand what the miter saw does for you. You have to analyze how it can benefit you the most out of one machine.

The chopping and crosscutting of lumber should be done properly by the miter saw. The opposite side of the table should keep the grain of lumber on the other end. The width and length should be grained down properly.

Miter saw is a special tool which gets used for proper cutting of lumber with the precision of edges as well. Know the difference and pick the one according to your needs. The trimming needs adjustment of the machine which you will learn as you frequently work on the machine.

2. Capacity of Cutting

You have to measure the cutting capacity by measuring the stock which you have in the records. Getting the numbers right will help you analyze the cutting capacity of the machine. It sets the benchmark for cutting down the paper or lumber.

3. Sizes of Board

Measure the size of the board which you have to work on and then select the normal range, sized board. There are different sizes which you might need but prefer to get the medium one where all kinds of the board can be set.

 The wood needs to fit well to cut through the miter saw. Keep the depth and width in mind when you are selecting the miter saw. It needs to be both for 90 degrees and 45 degrees angle so check on both of them before you decide on one machine.

4. Checking Angles

Pay attention to the adjustments of the machine. The capacity for cutting can be judged through the angles and its specs. There are miter settings in all the machines along with beveling options. The angle needs to be wide and should be able to make several cuts for the lumber as you work on it.

Choose the angle of more than 50 degrees as it proves to be at the best performance. Anything below this degrees should not be preferred if you aim to work on the machines professionally. Look for the dual-bevel system which can be higher than the mentioned degrees.

5. Deciding Budget

The cost of miter saws is generally between the ranges $78 - $1600. The cheaper ones tend to have low features which you would not be satisfied with. It is better to buy one quality medium range miter saw machine which can run for you for a long time.

If you prefer a machine around $800, you will get the features which will surely help you in a wide range of cutting, and you won’t have to purchase any other for a long time.

Whereas, if there are no budget constraints for you then opt out for the $1500-$1600 miter saw machine which would have all the advanced features satisfying you at an optimum level.

6. Great Quality

The quality of the machine depends upon the cost of it. The higher the machine costs, the better it would be. As it would have several features which the low costing miter saw machine would not have.

The material may differ as well as for the low costing machines made out of plastic and the high costing miter saw would be made out of steel and guard handles.

It is also safe to use than the other low costing machine frames. The frames need to be strong, so it can hold the heavy lumber and cut it through properly without any damage. Expensive machines will be likely to have fewer flaws than the low costing ones which would be a one-time investment.

Power matters a lot when you are working with a miter saw. It needs to be efficient and have powerful motor along with a sharp blade. The performance of the machine depends upon the blade and how well it can cut through the lumber.

 The thicker lumber would require stronger blade otherwise it can get damaged. Prefer to invest in the miter saw machine which is convenient yet powerful to use. It will be safe for you along with low noise while working on it.

8 Best Miter Saw 2020

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This tool has proven itself as one of the best jigsaws currently available in the market. It is efficient and delivers accurate results. It is also ideal for beginners and professionals.

This tool comes with a 7.0 amps powerful motor and 120 Volt with a variable-speed option. You can also set its speed to suit the project currently being worked on. It has 4 orbital-action settings, and its constant response circuitry ensures the maintenance of your speed.

This jigsaw possesses the ability to provide blade stroke of different types for making aggressive and smooth cut.

Bosch JS470E is very easy and safe to use because of its tool-less blade ejection lever that protects you from getting in contact with hot blades when changing them.


  • Accurate miter saw machine
  • Durable for a long time
  • Compact in size to fit anywhere
  • Warranty of more than three years


  • Generates dust
  • Does not support laser guide

If you are looking for a miter saw which can be portable and light in weight, then DEWALT DWS 715 can fit the best for you. The weight of this miter saw is 24 pounds which can get carried anywhere. It comes with the single compound bevel with convenience for the users.

The accuracy of cutting woods through this machine can trim the wood up to 48 degrees. It has the lock system which is adjustable as you work on this machine. To make further changes, you can trim the edges through 11 stops located at the side of the machine.

The effort minimizes when you use this miter saw machine with ease and high speed. The fence slides from the side with the support of molding base up to 6.5 inches. The moldings vertical position reaches up to 5.25 inches.

 The easy to use a miter saw machine have a lot of features related to safety. The blade has the guard to keep protection from any injuries for the users. While cutting the arm of the wood, it moves aside automatically and gets back when the work gets done.


  • Easy to carry, portable
  • Light in weight
  • One-sided bevel
  • Affordable for anyone
  • Fits into the small space
  • Smooth edge cutting
  • High speed for cutting
  • Convenient to use with less noise


  • Does not contain the miter saw stand

DEWALT DW713 is an amazing machine with sharp edges to cut the wood panels. It has the speed of 15 Amp along with durable power and extensions.

 The motor delivery is up to 5,000 rpm along with a stainless steel plate. There are 11 stops without any repetition on the accuracy. The durability of this machine is guaranteed with the molding crown support.

The vertical size is 4, and a half inches with sliding out the for the bevel cuts out of the way. The fence support of the machine is there to cut the wood with accuracy and perpendicularly. It keeps the maintenance of the machine overall through miter locking.

 When the machine is not in use, the positioning of the table gets locked immediately. It works fine with the adjustments, and there is no dent over time. The angles are clear with this miter saw machine to cut without any error.


  • The material is stainless steel and does not stain
  • Strong and quick machine
  • Easy to slide to another location
  • Easily cuts the wood edges
  • Clean and accurate cutting
  • A durable machine with a guarantee of five years
  • Includes users guide
  • Delivery of clean cuts


  • Does not come with the miter saw stand

The cross cut miter saw machine is great to use for wood cutting with LED light support. DEWALT DW716 comes with XPS support with the speed of 3800 rpm. There is no loading speed, and it works fine with all types of professional cuttings.

 The motor delivers 15 amp powerful speed with the extension of durability and high power. The scale is visible with beveling, and it can be adjusted. It is easy to work miter saw, and the speed can be adjusted as it gets used.

You can move the miter saw from 0 to 50 degrees angle with huge versatile options. The capacity of this miter saw machine is up to 6 and a half inches with the cam lock. It also has the option of detent override when not in usage.​

The stainless steel of the machine helps it to work with accuracy in cutting the woods. It has the blade wrench and carbide blade included within the package. With the help of the user’s guide, the maintenance and operations of the machine can be understood easily.


  • Easy to handle machine
  • Cuts smooth edges
  • Versatile bevel cutting
  • Best for professionals
  • Adjustment levels for speed
  • Works smoothly for more than five years


  • Does not come with dust bags

The woodworkers at home mostly prefer the Hitachi miter saw as the prior choice for cutting purposes. It allows them multiple functions in one machine which is affordable and user-friendly at the same time.

The innovative design of the machine has gained popularity in just a few years with resisting the solid material in the machine.

It has a strong motor and cuts the lumber in wide ranges. The beveling and cuts are precise through the adjustments made in the machine. The laser system allows the edge to be smooth and proper as the result while working on it.

There are built-in clamps which hold the lumber tightly as it cuts through the machine. It is one of the popular choices for the homeowners and works great by setting in the budget. Any woodworker can easily work with it especially the beginners.


  • The cutting range is wide and respectable
  • It contains thick depth and across the board
  • High stockings available with a miter saw
  • High capacity within the machine
  • Various options to set for beveling
  • Perfect alignment system with laser
  • Manual switching for laser
  • Flexible miter saw with adjustments
  • Come with brushes to clean up after the lumber cutting
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • Cannot set up the depths
  • Does not slide beyond the 10 inches blade
  • A lot of chip can be expected

Double Bevel Miter saw weighs 56 pounds with 12 inches of sliding bevel compound. The total dimensions for this miter saw are 33 x 23.8 x 18.8 inches. Besides this, this miter saw is durable and works with the user for a long time.

 It consumes large space but can run smoothly for many years. It makes the cutting easier and without complexity even for newbies. The bevels cut through miter saw simultaneously without any sharp edges.

It also can cut in pieces up to a 90-degree angle. Up to 16 inches of cutting is possible through the DEWALT miter saw.

The fence is transparent around the miter saw which enables you to see clearly on the other side while cutting. It cuts the squares in perfect shape to make it easier and without making any further adjustments.

There is a dual bevel system where you do not have to flip the wood piece to cut from the other side. Place it securely on one side, and the cutting result is tremendous.


  • Versatile miter saw to use
  • Advanced technology to be used on various projects
  • Best used for bevel cutting
  • Smooth edge cuttings
  • LED guide light to have a clear view at night
  • Dust collection bag included
  • Simple blade along with miter saw machine
  • Fine finishing for the wood


  • Can create a lot of dust in the environment

The powerful Miter saw machine by Makita gives ease to cut the wood using multiple applications. It works for the cutting of frames, cabinets or any woodwork.

 It has large capacity along with the complete accuracy of cutting the edges smoothly. With the powerful engine, the cutting is fast and high speed due to the versatile design of the miter saw machine. The performance of the machine is up to 15 amp with a direct machine which improves more as the usage.

The weight of the machine is only 37 pounds which can be moved anywhere conveniently on a job site. It has the fencing capacity of 4.5 inches vertical and 5.2 inches horizontally.


  • High-performance results with powerful engine
  • Tall fence capacity
  • Light in weight
  • Convenient to use
  • Positive, accurate levels
  • Comes with blades and dust bag


  • Does not support miter saw machine stand

Sliding miter saw machine by DEWALT DWS709 has a powerful motor of 3800 rpm along with 15 Amp.

It has the sliding fences which are tall and easy to adjust. The design of the fences is back and exclusive. It has the miter plate of stainless steel which has ten stops during cutting. The bevel scale is oversized for the large wood panels to cut. It is light in weight along with compact in size.

The cost of this machine is affordable which delivers high quality of cutting and stays durable for a long time.

The crown molding of the machine is up to 5 and a half inches with the base of 4 and a half inches vertical. The lumber dimensions can be 2x14 with 90 degrees along with adjustments.

The detent plate of miter saw is made out of steel which has perfect accuracy for cutting. It has the fencing support to keep the work optimized and cuts with levels.


  • Powerful machine to work with
  • Performs with high speed
  • Best for large lumber
  • Comes with the instructions
  • Good for professional’s use
  • Affordable in price
  • Guaranteed for a long time
  • Heavy and large machine
  • Various angles cutting


  • Not recommended for newbies


Miter saw is a wonderful tool to work with when you are dealing with woodwork. It adds up ease to work and makes it fast. The cutting becomes accurate, and work gets done with precision and neat.

The cutting can be for frames, molds, cabinet or any regular woodwork. Instead of using the saw, this automated machine works like magic for woodworkers.

It can be difficult to choose one miter saw out of many, but the winning one would be DEWALT DWS 780 because of the ability of super cutting. It has the motor of 15 amp and has the left and right molding power.

 The contractors and handyman can take complete advantage of this machine to make their life easier at work.

You have to narrow the choices according to your own needs for the best miter saw machine so look at the features and decide the best fit for yourself.

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