Best Portable Table Saw In 2020 – Which One Came Out The Winner?

If you're a professional woodworker, serious hobbyist, craftsman or DIY enthusiasts, sooner or later, you’ll need a portable table saw to execute your carpentry, woodcarving or other wood working projects. This tool will ease your work, make it look professional and also save you time.

Although there are overabundant available options of the table saw in the market, getting the best may be difficult and that’s why we are here for you. Below are the factors to consider before buying a portable table saw.


Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Portable Saw

Before you go for your choice of the table saw, we strongly advise you to put into consideration, some factors. Factors like, portability, power, quality of tool, performance, working area, price, and many more are needed to consider first before opting for a purchase.

Irrespective of your budget, skills and fashion, if you stick with these parameters, you will not only acquire the necessary information needed to get the best tools, but also, you will be able to select the best among the available options which will help you to guide others that may need to buy these tools in future. Here is a video explaining what to look for when choosing the best portable table saw

Let's dive in.

1. Portability:

 When ready to buy your choice of table saw, among the first thing to consider is the portability of the tool. A light-weighted tool is easy to mobilize, hasten your work and even provide efficient results. Also, make sure you pick the one that is very stable.

This is because stability has direct impact on the accuracy of the wood to be cut. Although there are rumors that portable saws tend to be less stable compared to heavyweight counterparts, this is not true as stability depends on how firm the saw is affixed to the table.

All in all, if you intend to be moving your device to a different locations, go for the lightweight one while if you intend to work on a stationary basis, we advise you to go for the heavyweight saw.

2. Power Option:

To distance you from stress, you need a device with higher horsepower. The horsepower determines the strength of the entire machine in cutting. It also complements the efficiency and hastens the speed needed to complete your work. For heavier operations like cutting of thicker wood, greater horsepower is needed to execute this work while lighter cut requires lesser horsepower.

3. Price:

Since fingers are not equal, we have taken our precious time to research and craft affordable portable saw which will surely meet your budget. No matter how smaller your budget is, you will surely see your choice of saw in these guide.

However, don’t be deceived with pricing option has some people, however, believe that the more the price, the greater the machine works and vice-versa. No, this is not true has all our recommended portable table saws are affordable and perform wonderfully without compromising their features.

4. Working Area:

Talking about the features without mentioning the working area is incomplete. A reasonable portable saw should have an average of 275 square feet. This size of a garage will be able to accommodate an average wood to cut perfectly without any obstruction.

5. Ease to Assemble and Operate:

Whether you are a professional or a newbie, a good device should be easy to couple and use. This will, however, help you to save some bucks and time by preventing you from spending unnecessary money to assemble or request the service of an engineer to do the work for you. 

6. Durability:

Among the most important thing to look into is the durability. Though this may vary from brand to brand still, all the available brands in our guides are durable compared to other tools. Normally, a good machine should last you for longer years if proper precautions are abide with.

7. Ergonomics:

Because you want a perfect work done doesn't mean you should compromise your comfort. Generally, the comfort associated with a portable saw depends on its drive which may be of two types depending on the purpose.

  • Direct drive: This is the safest and most widely used saw type. It is suitable for lighter works and also cheaper compared to belt drive type.If you are allergic to vibration and/or sound produced by machine during operation, this machine type is perfect for you. It produced lesser sound because the blade is connected directly to the motor leading to the direct transfer of all the motor power to the blade.
  • Belt drive: On the other hand, if you prefer a heavy work to be done on your machine, please go for belt drive. The belt drive has a V-belt supported by a pulley system for the transfer of power. Although belt drive produces an effective cutting with lesser dust emission, its downside is, it his less safe compared to the direct drive type.

Safety Measures to Look into Before Buying a Portable Saw

Buying a satisfying portable saw without considering safety features is a loss. This is because individuals working with a machine is prone to injury no matter how perfect or careful the person is. Due to this, when going for your choice of the saw, don't forget to buy a device with some safety features which will be highlighted below.

Apart from the portable saws equipped safety materials, you can also protect yourself against any accident by using protective. Protective like a helmet which protects the head, pair of goggle which prevents eye injury, apron, hand glove, workshop shoe, etc. can also be used together to complement safety.   

  • Flesh sensor: Although this might add to your budget, still, you can't avoid this feature as working with the machine is very dangerous. Remember health is wealth, so a reasonable user should put these feature first in his mind.The flesh sensor works by stopping the blade immediately it senses contact with the blade thus reducing the severity of the injury to a minor cut.
  • Magnetic switch: This is common in some saw. It aids safety simply by preventing the machine from starting automatically unless it is started by the operator or user.
  • Left Blade Tilt: Recently, there have been various concerns of an injury known as a kickback. This is common to right blade tilt users. To overcome this, we advise you to buy a saw with left tilt has this has a reduced kickback (a condition associated with the throwback of wood to the cutter). Using this will however add to your safety measures when working with the portable saw.

Below Are the Best Portable Saw 2020

The best and the safest portable saw on our list is DEWALT (DWE7491RS). This machine is very powerful and will cut hardwoods easily. Additionally, the strong rip capacity and the rolling stand complements the cut while the pinion fence system makes cutting accurate.

The expansion and retraction of the telescoping fence permit narrow rip cuts on this device at different degrees either 450 or 900. Also on this portable saw, you are capable of cutting different sized woods while the environment remains clean.

This is because the machine is equipped with a 2-inch dust collection port connected to the vacuum to aide efficiency.It also has a large surface table responsible for providing additional superior material support. All in all, this is heavy in weight,and reliable to use. It comes with a 3 years warranty.


  • Sturdy and the arms are strong.
  • Has an increased power and fence system.
  • Cut both soft and hardwood.
  • Safe to operate.


  • Has a heavyweight.
  • Accessories/ spare parts are difficult to find.

2. DEWALT 745 10-Inch Table Saw – Most ​


We all know that DEWALT saws are widely known for portability, durability and stylishness and DEWALT DW745S is not an exception. With 54 pounds weight and an optimized footprint, this machine is the most portable saw available in our list. Just like other DEWALT products, this saw has a shoe bevels which ranges from 0° to 45° for beveled cuts.

It has a powerful motor responsible for quick and optimum rips performance through hardwoods. Its lightweight makes it easy to handle, transport, stored and also has a fence system. The fence system facilitates the cutting of larger materials into sizes.

This corded-electric machine also has a rack and pinion fence rails which makes fence adjustments fast, smooth, and also accurate. Also equipped with this saw is a durable 24T carbide blade responsible for makingcuts to be low difficult and enhancesthe quality.


  • Portable and easy to store.
  • Easy to set up.

  • Highly durable

  • .Comes with 90 days money-back guarantee and 3 years warranty.


  • Not suitable for cutting softwood.
  • Not ideal for tall users.

If you are a professional or a newbie seeking an easy to set up accurate cutting portable saw, then this saw is meant for you. Just like other Dewalt portable saws, Dewalt DWE7480 features a combination of rack and pinion telescoping fence rails. These rails provide smooth and accurate result and also, it makes the fence adjustments fast.

The metal roll cage base makes it durable and the 15 Amp and 4800 rpm motor ensures fast and accurate cutting of different woods. For an effective dust collection, the dust collection port on the table saw can be connected to a shop vac. Also on this saw, you can perform the dual cutting of 90 degrees 3-1/8 inch depth and 45 degrees 2-1/4 inch.

The coated table saw helps to reduce the friction thus, increasing smooth cut. It comes with a three-year limited manufacturer warranty.


  • Gives accurate readings.
  • Easy to set up.

  • Replacement of spare and damaged part is easy.

  • Easy to maneuver.


  • The blade may get clogged easily with dust and may require applying of grease for easy adjustment.
  • Dado blades cannot work with it if fitted.

DEWALT (DW745S) is a portable design saw that has a fence system which provides 610 millimeters of rip capacity. This allows the saw to cut larger sheet materials. The ease, accuracy, and precision capacity of this tool are due to it's built with top cast table design supported with a large scale quick bevel lock.

If you're working on a hard, wet or frozen woods, worry no more has this saw is equipped with a powerful 1850 Watt motor for high performance supported by an overload protection system that ensures maximum power performance.

The most amazing feature of this tool is its metal roll cage base which makes it firm and durable than a plastic-based tool. In addition to this, the table surface is coated to reduce friction and improve cut quality across the board. The blade can even be adjusted from 00 to 450 for bevel applications.


  • Very reliable.
  • Has a carbide blade which extends blade life and also enhances cutting quality.

  • Dust collection port for quick clean up.

  • Telescoping fence rail which retracts to create a small and portable package.


  • Not stable due to its size.
  • The under table is flat giving no room for the clamp.

Bosch saw is the most portable power saw that facilitate easy and fast ripping, cutting, and cross-cutting of fine and rough wood materials. This portable saw has a larger aluminium table to accommodate big wood and is easily transferred due to its GTA47W Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand.

Although it is strictly designed for professionals, but newbies, hobbyists and enthusiasts can also use this unit without any stress. The combination of smart guard system which contains riving knife and anti-kickback pawls aides’ protection during usage. The easy assembling of the guards also complements the excellent safety of the machine.

This device is easily mobilizing to different job sites due to its stronger wheeled tire. Also on this machine, all types of woods can be cut without any hassle because of its horsepower size. The machine also has a collapsible table stand which allows the adjustment of height to meet your demand.


  • Strong and stable.
  • Easy to transfer.

  • The dado blades are easily interchangeable.

  • Easy to store and operate.


  • Blade and rip fence may be difficult to adjust.
  • If heavy material is placed on the device, the stand may bend or break.

When we talk of an outstanding long-lasting light portable saw, we talk of skilsaw SPT70WT-01 saw. This saw is the first-ever brass-geared Worm Drive built table saw aiming to provide maximum power and torque. On this machine, larger and wide woods can be cut within a few minutes due to it's built of 15 Amp solid construction.

The presence of a Dual-Field motor also extends the cutting duration of the saw by cooling the engine throughout usage. Additionally, the built with 25 inches rip capacity and 3-1/2 inches depth made ripping of a wide variety of materials easy on this saw. It has a self-aligning rip fence fitted on tool storage for true and accurate cutting.

For safety purposes, this portable saw is built with a guard system such as a wrench, inserted plate, anti-kickback device, and push stick. It is durable thanks to the lied steel rolled cage with a die-cast aluminium top.

Also, this device can resist extreme temperatures without breaking because the mechanism that raises and lower the blade is resistant metallic metals.


  • Has a lightweight.
  • Easy to couple.

  • Very effective in cutting tough and strong woods.

  • Firmly built producing no vibration and noise when in action.


  • Doesn't come with a stand.
  • Difficult to adjust.

7. SKIL 3410 Table Saw – Most Versatile

This device is specially designed for newbies and is most suitable for the cutting of longer woods due to its longer cast aluminium table. The extension of this table allows the cutting of height capacity of 4X the material.

Additionally, it has a self-aligning rip fence that eases accuracy and measurements. It also has a perfect 15 amp motor for ripping through all varieties of wood. With a weight of 67 pounds, this machine will provide a stable and accurate cutting of wood without any hassle. 

It comes with a durable steel folding stand with quick-mount which eases setting up and also aids storage convenience. Has a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee and a year warranty which helps you to work using the machine without the panic of developing a fault.


  • Very cheap.
  • Easy to set up and stored.     

  • Little effort is needed to rip a laminated beam.

  • The stand is sturdy thus, producing an accurate result.


  • Less durable.
  • The miter gauge is sloppy.


We hope you are satisfied with our list of available best portable saws in these guide. These saws have been tested and are now widely employed both by professionals and newbies because of their promising features. Some of these saws come with safety guards, well-built wheel to ease mobility and a stand to support the load. Also, some may have mix features which don’t even restrict their functions.

Our best pick of portable saw is DEWALT (DWE7491RS) Table saw because it is very safe, affordable, and portable. It is also durable, highly mobile, and fascinating. If you want a reliable product, that won’t stress you much, we strongly recommend this saw.

However, if you’re a tight budget person that needs a portable table saw, please go for SKIL 3410 Table Saw.

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