Best Table Saw Blade In 2021; Which One Is Right For You?

Want professional cuttings within a short time range? Use a table saw blade. The best table saw blade is the one that can perfectly fit into your table saw and carry out cutting activities without giving you any hassle.

Carpenters, hobbyists, and or DIY’s who value their work use the combination of a good table saw and blade that are well fitted to achieve precise cuts. The precise cutting of wood and other materials associated with the table saw directly depends on the table saw blade. Otherwise, an inaccurate cut that may be frustrating and give unprofessional result.

Due to this, we say it is vital to carefully select the best table saw blade when you are ready to get one. Although, the table saw blades come in different sizes and shapes. The type to buy depends on the type and thickness of wood /materials to cut.

What is a Table Blade Saw?

To save your precious time during cutting, a top-quality blade saw is needed. This kind of blade is capable of making cross-cutting and rip cut at a time especially if correctly positioned on the table saw. It requires thorough cleaning and oiling or addition of grease to prevent it from rusting.

In short, table blade saw is a metallic made table saw part /component with teeth capable of giving precise cuttings of wood and other materials within a short time frame irrespective of sizes. Their tooth may be either 40 teeth blade, 50 teeth combinations or 80 teeth.

However, each tooth blade is designed for different purposes. For quick and effective rip cuts, blade with lower tooth count is significant. Consequently, for cutting of wood fibre, higher tooth counts blade is required. This is because it helps to avoid tearing out especially when cross cutting is needed. Although, slower feed rate is needed to carry out the operation successfully.

In general, accurate cross-cuttings and ripping may require 50 tooth blade combinations.

Types of saw blade.

Generally, saw blade falls into four categories which are highlighted below. Each type of blade is designed for different purposes.

1. Rakers or Flat-Top Grind (FTG)

This is a chisel-like tooth blade saw specially designed for ripping. This is made possible due to the presence of larger teeth fitted with each other. This eases and makes cutting more quickly plus FTG is also durable which makes it capable of cutting for longer period

If you are a frequent wood cutter, look no more for a blade, but FTG because of its durability compared to the ATB teeth blade. It also rarely develops a fault. However, unlike other tooth blades, FTG cut may tend to give lesser clean cuts, which is the only set back it has.

2. Alternate Top Bevel (ATB)

ATB is a teeth blade specially designed to shear wood contrary to cutting with FTG blade. The accuracy of the wood to be cut depends on the sharpness of the bevel. However, sharper bevel tends to dull quickly because more wood will be cut.

Consequently, if you use 40 tooth ATB, there may be no need to change the blade as it is capable of making perfect rip and crosscuts at a time. This is the reason why it is named a multipurpose blade. Also, this kind of blade can be used for occasional purposes.

Among the most common materials that can be cut with these blades include cross-cutting, melamine. Joinery and many more can also be cut on this blade type.

3. Alternate Top Bevel Raker (ATBR)

This is known as a combine blade tooth because it is the combination of ATB and R blade. This combination features a single raker tooth which gives a rough cut while the 4 ATB teeth help to clean up the cut. The teeth are 50 in numbers and are arranged in sets of 5.

4. Triple Chip Grind (TCG)

Similar to ATBR, TCG blades also have two types of teeth that vary between a raker and a chamfered tooth. Contrary to the raker which gives a rough cut in ATBR, the chamfered tooth does this in TCG while the raker cleanup.

If you are looking for an effective hassle free blade that can give a nice cut on very dense materials, then look for TCG blade. This is because this blade is strongly built and can easily rip denser material.

Unlike ATB blade which may quickly get dull leading to quick sharpening, TCG blade is not.

Factors to Consider when Choosing your Choice of Perfect Table Saw Blades

Before you settle for your choice of a table saw blade, there are some features you need to look into especially if you are a novice. Also, if you’re an experienced user, this information is also meant for you as new products are frequently developed every day.

Thesefactors if carefully consider will give you the edge to settle down with the best among the overabundant saw blades available at your disposal.

Features like number of blade teeth, compatibility of the blade and the saw, price, the Arbor of the machine (the hole which the blade can fit), anti-kickback features and many more will be revealed in this guide.

1. What is the teeth count of your saw blade?

The size and the type of materials to be cut determines the type saw blade teeth you will buy. Different blades teeth are designed for different purposes. For example, if you’re willing to cut softer materials like plywood, blade with teeth up to 100 is needed.  However, if lesser teeth count blade is used, this can alter the structure of the plywood or it may finally condemn it.

Contrarily, thicker materials require lesser blade teeth number to cut them. They often require teeth count of 40 and lesser depending on the materials to be cut. There are also some hollow ground models that have a thicker tooth and hollow body. This feature helps to maintain stability.

In a real sense, the higher the teeth, the cleaner the cut especially for cross cutting and the lesser the teeth count, the more aggressive and quicker the blade cut the materials.

2. What is the configuration of the blade?

If you want a professional cutting, you should avoid using one blade for different cuttings. This is because different blades are configured for different purposes. The most common design includes flat design, bevel design, shoulder design, and combination design.

For example, if you intend to get a smooth cut that won’t alter your material, a flat top configuration is recommended. While a cut that is both perfectly straight and free of splinters may require another design. Also, another unique configuration is a shoulder design which has more metal equipped with it. This feature keeps the blade teeth sharper for a longer period.

3. Price of the blade?

Talking about the features needed to secure the best saw blade without talking about the price is incomplete. Price varies with models and materials used to build the blade. An inferior made material may easily bend while in use and may result in an irregular cut that is frustrating.

Honestly, all our available saw blades are affordable, readily available in the market and yet, made of good quality. They proved the traditional belief of more expensive and better quality otherwise.

4. What material is it made up of?

The blade may be made up of steel, titanium, aluminium, carbide, and many more. Although the most common materials used are aluminium and carbide. While aluminium is among the cheapest materials and is widely used in the previous years, it is however not as durable as other materials like carbide.

Carbide teeth and steel made blade products are the best. They are a little bit expensive, very durable, and increases the shelf life of the teeth. The combination of these features makes it an ideal of choice for most professionals and novice who overlook the price but rather focus on the material that supports their frequent use.

5. What is the compatibility /perfect size blade for the table?

Before you buy a blade, it is advisable to first measure it by removing it or by checking the manufacturer’s manual. This, in turn, will save you from returning it back once purchased. However, no matter how the case may be, the most common table saw blade size is 10- inch. Although some size of 12- inch have been recorded and are also available in the market.

Also, there are some tables saw, which both blade sizes can fit perfectly and give optimum results without any alteration.

6. Does it have anti-kickback shoulders?

For safety purpose and injury prevention, the table saw has been built with anti-kickback shoulder. This shoulder helps to control the feed rate of the wood piece across the blade by retaining the send back force wood (a condition known as kick-back) by the blade on the station. For optimum prevention, they are located just below the height of the tooth.

7. Does it have blade coatings?

Recently, some blades are equipped with special coatings that help minimize friction and heat, unlike the older blades. This recent advancement gives an extension to the life span of the blade. Also during maintenance by cleaning, little difficulties are always encountered.

8. What type of blade rake thus the table saw has?

Just like other features, the kind of blade rake is also good to determine the effectiveness of the saw blade. The rake is the angle of tooth in relation to the blade center. If you intend to cut aggressively, a forward angle is required. This kind of blade is also regarded as a positive rake.

However, we also have a vertical angle and a negative rake which occur when the angle ranges between 0 – 60 degrees and moves backwards.

9. What is the kerf strength?

The thickness of the blade is called kerf and understanding it is very important in wood cutting. This is because the kerf directly determines the size of the material the blade can cut and any mismatched can hamper the cut.

Originally, the standard kerf for a blade is 0.126 although the thickest kerf may even reach 1/8. Any blade lesser than 0.126 kerfs is regarded as a thinner kerf blade saw and the waste released from this during use is useful for future purpose.

The motor power also has a significant role to play in this operation because the more powerful the motor, the thicker the kerf required and vice-versa.

10. Does it have anti-vibration vents?

If you are someone that is allergic to vibration or sound, buying a blade with anti-vibration vent is necessary. This is because this type of blade helps to minimize the wear and tear on the table thus, leading to the production of lesser vibration. If otherwise, significant noise and vibration are always emitted by the table saw.

Generally, thinner made blade saw tends to vibrate more due to instability. However, there are some exceptional cases especially if the blade is made up of quality materials. These materials are always stable and sturdy.

Below are the list of the best table saw blade.

Top 5 Best Table Saw Blade 2020


Image Product Name Best Feature

Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II

Most Versatile


Best For Cutting And Softwood

Freud ( LU80R010)

Best For Splinter-Free Cut


Best For Low Budget Users


Best For Ripping And Cross-Cutting

1. Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II – Most Versatile

The first and the best among our list of available table saw blade is Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II. With a weight of 2.18 pounds, this blade saw is easy to fix and capable of giving a smooth cut. It does this, thanks to its teeth made of strong carbide, making it work perfectly for a longer period without developing any fault or disfiguring your wood.

Also, the 0.125 Kerf strengths of this blade saw helps to prevent wood loss plus the perfect design also helps to minimize splintering. If you’re someone that doesn’t like noise, worry no more as this blade is capable of cutting quietly. This item is capable of cutting different kinds of materials either softwood like plywood and or hardwood like oak, etc. perfectly and easily.

Although the only limitation of this saw blade is its price, which may be expensive for some people. Consequently, a newbie or expert that values professional cut, cannot avoid this saw blade because it gives superior quality work. Additionally, it also comes with a 30 days warranty period with which you are capable of returning the blade if you’re not satisfied.


  • Delivers perfect cross-cutting and ripping.
  • Has a 30-degree Alternate Top Bevel that enhances cutting.
  • The blade remains sharp for a longer period upon regular use.
  • Leaves a polish cut that is scratch-free on the wood.


  • Little bit expensive
  • If not perfectly set, it can burn some woods.


2. DEWALT DW31 06P5 – Best For Cutting And Softwood

Second, on our list is DEWALT DW3106P5. DEWALT products are widely known internationally for their outstanding features and the superior results they offer. However, DEWALT DW3106P5 is not an exception either as it has some unique features. This 10-Inch saw blade has a 60-tooth crosscutting and a 32-tooth general purpose, which makes it capable of giving smooth cut.

If you are looking for a smooth cut on your miter and slide saw, kindly fit these saws with DEWALT DW3106P5 and you will be amazed by the result. The combination of the thin-kerf plus a tungsten carbide remains sharpen for a longer periodand delivers fast and smooth cutting for a longer period of work.

To increase the quality of your work, this saw blade is equipped with a patent wedge shoulder that places additional steel in the back of every tip. Just like WW10407125 Woodworker II, the teeth of this blade is also durable because it is made up of carbide. This blade also comes with an abrasive fladder blade all together to give the optimum result.


  • Gives lesser vibration and improved accurate cutting.
  • Durable.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • The price is affordable.


  • The blade may burn if used to cut hardwood.


3.  Freud ( LU80R010)  – Best For Splinter-Free Cut

If you are looking for a blade saw that produces splinter-free cuts and has a highalternatetopbeveltooth, Freud (LU80R010) is meant for you. This saw blade has a 10-inch diameter blade supported by 80 teeth and 5/8 inch Arbor for satisfaction and best performance cutting. Just like Dewalt, it also has a 0.126″ Kerf, 2° Hook Angle for optimum result.

Also with this blade, you are capable of crosscutting yielding maximum performance due to the presence of premium TiCo Hi-Density Carbide. This item is equipped with an advanced laser cut Anti-Vibration system responsible for reducing vibration while the shelf life of the blade remains increased.

The most remarkable features of this saw blade is its perma-shield non-stick coating. This coating protects the blade against corrosion and also minimize blade drag. Talking about this blade saw without talking about the vibration is also incomplete. This is because it is very stable and has a sturdy design.


  • Compatible with the saw stop.
  • Has a Perma-shilled non-stick coating that prevent it from corrosion.
  • Works great for crosscuts and plywood with zero tear-out.
  •  Easy to install


  • May not work perfectly for flat bottom kerf.
  • Doesn’t give correct non-through cut in the plywood.


4. HICO  Best For Low Budget Users

HICO is the cheapest table saw blade available in our guide and comes with a 10-inch blade diameter. This blade saw is an Alternate-Top Bevel with a double grind side design and an axial shear face that helps to zip materials that are less resistance. It has 40 teeth grind and a thin kerf of 0.1 inches all joined together to give smooth cut.

Unlike some blade saws, this general purpose saw blade has an angle of 15° and an arbor of 5/8 Inch. This feature makes it capable of giving a precise cut on softwood, hardwood, plywood, etc. Also, the combination of Hi-Density Carbide with Titanium and a laser-cut stabilizer vents complement cutting and extend the blade life respectively.

This is because noise and vibration are been trap by the laser while the carbide materials help keep the blade cool and minimize blade warp during use. Other than table saw, this blade saw also works optimally when fitted with miter and circular saw.


  • Pocket friendly.
  • Has a hardened blade body and ultra-high-grade brazing techniques.
  • The thinner kerf between the blades ease feeding and also gives you more control.
  • Resistance to heat and corrosion.


  • If heavily used, it may get dull and start burning.


5.  Irwinr  Best For Ripping And Cross-Cutting

Last on our list of available table saw blade is Irwin. Irwin has a 50 tooth alternate tooth bevel and a circular saw blade raker tooth. The combination of the ATB and racer tooth is meant for a knife-like cut while the racer tooth gives smooth finish. Although, specifically designed for general purpose cutting on table or miter saw, this blade is also capable of making perfect ripping.

The teeth are very sharp and can easily be re-sharpened to extend it durability. As if all these features are not sufficient, this blade also has a heat resistant non-stick coating that reduces gumming. This, however, aids cleanup plus making the blade look neat and last longer.

The blade saw is capable of crosscut and tear out without any problem. It’s easy to detach and readily available at your disposal if faulty. For stress-free removal, kindly read the manufacturer’s manual or watch videos.


  • Has an oversized high-quality carbide that aid precision.
  • Has a heat resistant non-stick coating that true cutting.
  • Gives a precise result for cross-cutting and ripping.
  • Cut plywood crosscut without tearing out.


  • Fake product is available outside so extreme care must be taken to get the original product.


We have come to the end of our guide and hope you find it useful. However, no matter how selective you are, you will surely find a blade saw that suit your purpose. In terms of budget, all our available saw blades are affordable. In fact, not only are they affordable, but also, they give excellent result.

All in all, some of these saws are designed either for a perfect cutting or ripping. However, there are some that even do both and are called the general saw blade. Irrespective of the blade design, all are durable and give optimum result. Although proper maintenance is needed to complement this.

Also, some models often come with a warranty period that gives you the trust that they are very reliable. However, our best pick of the table saw blade is Forrest WW10407125 Woodworker II. This is because this blade is capable of giving an accurate cutting and is also durable. Apart from this, it also comes with a warranty period of 30 days plus is easy to procure.

Also, with this blade, you can crosscut any material as well as rip without any hassle. All the materials cut with this blade always remain polished and scratch-free.