10 Best Table Saw Review for 2020 – Which One Should You Buy?

Have you ever wonder how some bulk of wood from the forest get turned into the basis of furniture we use in our offices, home, and recreational centers? Maybe, you’ve ever wondered how the craftsmen go about with their art of carpentry, and woodcarving.

Well, the truth is the Best Table Saw plays a significant role in making all these come into existence.


1Cutting wood for usable measurements

One of the exciting benefits of using a table saw is to remove large pieces of material, usually wood, and cut into smaller pieces for use in other projects. There is no gainsaying that cutting woods to smaller desired size is now a thing of distant past thank to the advent of a table saw which make this job more manageable.

A table saw can quickly and safely cut a sizeable wooden board into dozens of smaller pieces, of different shapes and sizes, to suit many projects.

2. Effective timing in getting the job done

You can have your work done in a fraction of the time with a portable saw, and even multiple times more accurate. Table saws can make your job much cleaner and more precise, take measurements for your projects and helps assemble parts in a much simpler way.

3. It aids easy cuts

Table saw enables you to complete any project efficiently. Not only does a Table saw allows you to do your work faster, but it also gives you a massive advantage because you often want to have it done the right way, but also in the timeliest way.

Thanks to its strength and speed, you can cut all types of wood with low resistance, whether they are soft or hard.

4. It gives woodworker versatility 

Table saws allow smooth and precise cuts; hence they are an indispensable tool for furniture and cabinets constructor. It provides them profession versatility which in turn yields to a different design in woodworks that we have today.

 How to Choose the Best Table Saw

Now, getting the best table saw in the market may not seems to be like rocket science to many but the truth is as long as you get the nitty-gritty and the know-how then other things will fall into place.

Here is valuable content on how to choose the Best Table Saw for your projects. Also, below are some of the crucial things to put into consideration when choosing the Best Table Saw in the market.

1. The blade adjustment

One thing you should not joke about when you are about to get the best table saw is—to make sure the blade has the proper table saw alignment.  Why? Because In order to get a clean cut the blade alignment and the table fence comes to play. 

Some table Saw has a guide that keeps the distance between the front of the saw blade and the distance at a certain distance, but many do not. If this is not the case, use the blade adjustment tool to measure the distance from the front of the blade to the groove and then the back of the blade.

2. Speed and control

It is important you know that the speed of the table saw comes from the motor. This means that the classification of the motor when buying a table saw is very useful. A higher engine test is that the blades of the table saw rotate faster and therefore at a more top speed, which allows a better cut.

Also, better control facilitates the use of large blade seamlessly. For example, a 1500 W motor will quickly move the blade as it rotates. The highest point of the blade gives the user more possibilities for a precise cut

3. Ampere

If you are purchasing a job site Table Saw, in order to avoid stories that touch then you should choose an ampere and volts between 230 and 110 volts to avoid disappointment. Why? Because high ampere and volt will guarantee an excellent cutting performance.

4. On/Off switch

Electric brakes are an essential feature because with it, the table Saw will be able to reverse the electricity into the motor and hence play a significant role in ensuring you get the precise cutting.

It is recommended to choose a saw that comes with these features (ON and OFF) when purchasing a saw. The Switch must be easily accessible so that the work is better and more efficient. Also, the switch must have a cover as this will guide you from accidental switching the saw and damaging or cutting the work area.

5. Miter gauge

In case you don’t know what a miter gauge is: they are used with table Saws to cut angles that are not 90 degrees. The miter gauge is one of the additions feature that appears not too important to some people, but the truth is the chance that you will use it daily is high.

Hence if you don’t have yet you need desperately need to get one. The best among them come at 90 degrees and 45 degrees. Don’t forget to check for its hard stops as well

6. Dust extraction tool

While using Table Saw you would agree that much sawdust will have been produced. In some cases, there are some table saw that has a function for extracting dust from users. Some have use vacuum cleaners that act as a vacuum cleaner that draws dust from the saw and releases it.

Most table Saw come equipped with an internal dust collection system that collects dust and tries to keep dust away from being piled up to the point where it accumulates over time and cause damage. Typically, the dust of the machine escapes through a single port until recent where we have varieties.

7. Table Saw Fence

Fences are some of the things you often buy in a post-sale market if you want to buy a good one. When not properly placed, the curved fence can destroy the precision of your cut. Ignore the fact that almost all models claim to have a shiny fence.

It's just marketing jargon. It is important to get a fence that is well placed even if you will have to purchase that separately.

Best Table Saw Review 2020

There is no better way to begin this than introducing you to the best table saw DEWALT DWE7491RS 10 Inch Table Saw. This product is well known for its superb design and simple function. The Dewalt DWE7491RS 10 inch folder keeps your place of work clean and efficient because it incorporates a 2-inch dust cover into the design.

This folder comes with collection door which has a suction hole so you can suck up all the dust that comes out of the mower's knife while you work.One other interesting about Dewalt DWE7491RS for contractor, is that moving the table saw comes with a lot of flexibility.

Also the means to perform cutting operation anywhere needed is one alluring feature of the product, since it is evident that you won’t sacrifice energy for portability then this makes the Dewalt Dew7491RS a smart choice for every job.

Moving the DeWalt table saw from one place to another is a relatively simple process thanks to the wheels on the support. However, it weighs 90 pounds and is therefore not your regular lightweight tool.


  • It's easy to use
  • It equipped with an adjustable fence
  • Your perfect table saw for wide and narrow cuts.
  • It extends and retracts in a few minutes


  • The aluminum fence will change shape over time.

One of the best things about the Bosch 4100-09 is its portability because even with its enormous wheels it is easy to install, dismantle and move. Better yet, once folded, it has a thin frame that facilitates storage.

It's one of the portable table saws in the market, but it can shoot up to 40.5 inches long wood, as one would most likely anticipate from a fixed model.The knife blade comes equipped with a rocker that keeps your more fitting and precise results while you cut.  

The entire unit is designed with heavy materials for maximum durability. The square case has an adjustable shape that ensures continuous precision throughout the work. Also, this product has an easily transportable design with additional portability plans. With Bosch 4100 you can as well fine-tune the cutting speed of the table saw in any position


  • It is Portability
  • The gravity-rise is easy to use because you can move files anywhere at home or work.

  • It comes with an adjustable electronic speed control


  • An economical miter gauge accessories
  • It's a little more expensive than others on the market
  • It is not the most powerful table saw.

If compactness and efficiency are the only two yardsticks of measure, then Dewalt DW745 is one of the best models we have got in table saw. Its light weight makes it one of the most portable devices in its class. As if, that’s enough; it comes with a steel roller also protects against falls and shocks.

Its 1850 W engine provides more than enough power for all high-performance projects and home improvement projects. Dewalt is known for designing high-quality instruments and this model live up to the brand message not to mention of a fence system that offers rip strength of 610 mm.

Although it is a portable device, you can simply and comfortably cut big pieces of wood of a specific size.This model has also been developed for transport. Although there are no wheels, has a metal cage that allows it to be moveable without damage.

 We all know how painful it is to replace or change guard; however, this model has a tool-free guard replacement that makes it fast and simple. This will save you a lot of time, especially if you will do that perpetually.


  • A user-friendly management system
  • High-efficiency rate
  • A handy design           
  • It best for heavy construction


  • The blade guard occasionally to go off
  • The house sometimes moves in the middle
  • He comes in the size of the table

If you are one would like to save money and also like to get something of quality along then The Craftsman Evolv 10 Inch Table Saw is your choice. The product is a great tool for all craftsmen and which will significantly alter the way and manners by which you work.

The device is easy to transport, weighs only 22 kg and can easily be placed on the pillar when it reaches the desired working area. Craftsman Evolv10 is supplied with a large lifting kit including a grid, a push rod, a support stand, as well as a blade guard.

The amazing thing is that it is well equipped with if not everything but most of the things you need to work with are included in the 10-inch Evolv machine table saw. Among the many features are carbide blade, hex keys, a tripod, a blade guard, a step, a parallel guide, and a push stick. It also has a steel plate and a standard table top size of 5/8 inches.

With a 15 A engine, it can perform almost any job for which it was designed. It is not the handiest table Saw on the market, but it is effortless to transport from one place to another.


  • It is one of the cheapest because it has a reasonable price.
  • It is equipped with support stand.
  • The blade guard is another added feature


  • Its support stand is not as powerful as you will be required because it’s not designed for heavy duty job or commercial use.

SawTop table Saw has a powerful 220V 3HP motor that provides enough power to meet all your professional and leisure needs. Its design offers excellent grip and performance that allows easy and comfortable handling. It includes a 36-inch T-Slide fence system that allows accurate measurement and operation without any problem anywhere.

The table Saw has a 10-inch combination blade with 40 teeth for fast, accurate cutting. Sawstops table saws are also compatible with standard 10-inch saw blades and 8-inch nuts.

And not only that, but you will discover that this machine is much more durable than many others in this price class, which if you guess right explain its current popularity. Besides, this is one of the most popular tables Saw due to its user-friendly design.


  • It has an unprecedented security system.
  • The extremely robust construction provides lasting results.
  • It is equipped with a 3 HP engine capable of doing all the necessary work


  • With 500 pounds in weight, it is cumbersome for a Table Saw
  • And yes, the price is very high.

Are you in search for one in all, all in one table Saw? Then this is where your search should end because with the Grizzly G0690 table saw, you can be sure to get everything together in one package. The table saw is equipped with a riving knife that automatically changes to the same angle to improve performance.

It is made of quality and heavy materials to make sure it lasts a lifetime. If there is one thing every woodworker desire in a table saw then it is will be –top performance and quality this is no doubt one of the key features of Grizzly.

Consequently, this table saw may be a little exaggerated for homeowners, as it is ideal for those who need the substantial power and functionality of this tool. It consists of a solid cast iron belt, a 3 HP engine and an incredible triple belt. It also has a miter gauge and dust collection doors.


  • It comes with a robust table and wing
  • It is made from heavy construction materials.
  • A practical penthouse for precise cuts
  • 4 "dust port


  • One dislike feature is that it consumes time for one to get along with the table Saw

This 10-inch table Saw is designed for carpenters and DIY enthusiasts who need to work at home. It has aluminum tables of 20 and 26 inches and a cutting capacity of 3.5 inches. This instrument also features a self-adjusting parallel guide and an easily identifiable measurement system that allows the operator to make more precise cuts.

This compact and portable table is from durable steel, which makes it a little harder and more permanent –which of course is undoubtedly beneficial. The norm is most Portable table saws are generally too bright and pointed, and therefore less stable, but it is interesting to note that with SKIL 3410 the story is different.

Even though its robustness, thanks to the foldable support, you can easily move it from one place to another. Sadly, it does not come alone with wheels, and for some, it may be a problem to move. It weighs close to 30 kg, and that can be a challenge.


  • With built-in storage folder to keep all necessary devices
  • It's easy to use
  • The machine features a guard that improves safety when handling the saw.


  • It has a short miter gauge

The love I have for Makita table Saw is not from this world due to its robust and sturdy design. The unit is powered by a powerful 15A motor that allows you to work incredibly well and efficiently. The set is equipped with a top-level safety system, baffle, parallel guides and a 32-inch blade to allow you to do the job immediately you are ready to start working.

Makita Table Saw also features adjustable duo guards that will enable you to easily and quickly measure the rip fence. The anti-kickback pawl allows the operator to see the Saw blade even when it comes into contact with the cutting of wood.

Another thing you will appreciate is the degree of measures taken to protect the blade and the machine should you want to move the table saw from a point to the other.


  • It comes with a knife protection system
  • Well-equipped anti-kickback pawl
  • A Miter gauge
  • Push stick is another additional feature
  • Table socket wrench
  • It can run up to 4,800 rpm


  • It has no wheel for easy transportation

The Fox Shop W1819 table Saw is equipped with a 3 HP engine which makes it one of the topmost choices on this list, as it deems fit for various projects and places this model at the top.

Not only its great design that impressed me but its safety measure is also quite impressive: the transparent polycarbonate offers protection and a possibility of visibility when cutting with the blade. The riving knife also prevents jam and protects you.

Fox Shop 1819 table Saw, is entirely for commercial and all round purpose. One thing at the back of the mind of the producer is nothing except—making sure it is of high-level performance.

This is evident in the design of the robust cast iron, where its engine lies, aside from the 3-horsepower engine that it uses and a belt drive to provide all the power of the knife then there is huge cast iron.

Some table Saws are challenging to assemble, but this model is straightforward and easy to install, with no one to aid you, you are good to go. Even the dust port works well and saves you much time that would otherwise be needed for cleaning.


  • It is quite strong
  • It has an excellent port for dust
  • Not difficult to put together
  • Has an amazing security


  • Miter gauge quality is not impressive

This is one of the few table saw that one could purchase and feel at ease. Also, you’ll give yourself a pat at the back for an excellent choice you made for bringing in a table saw with everything you need to get a quality cut.

Powermatic invented a novice product in the making of the Powermatic PM1000 1791000K 30-inch Table Saw, with significantly better design and durability than the previous one.

As the name implies, the Powermatic table saw offers a precise and interesting cut. It can provide rigorous projects with strength and precision needed for smooth operation. The cast iron surface is adapted to the practical freehand kit so that the level meets the needs of users.

After the development of Powermatic, whose owner was passionate carpentry, it is equipped with functions meeting the cutoff point of the woodworker.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Excellent dust extraction
  • Reduced vibration capacity
  • Excellent customer service
  • The parts are washable as well as highly resistant.


  • This requires high performance

4. Addressing the controversies 

Type of Table Saw 

Table saw comes in different types among which includes: the Portable table saw, Contractor and Cabinet Table saw. Each depends on your choice of preference and needs.

Using Table Saw Safely?

To ensure working safely with a table saw demands that you must take certain precautions before you commence work. Sharp and powerful tools, such as table Saw, must be handled correctly for precautionary sake and a secure environment.

Then focus on eye protection. It would be best if you had heavy-duty glasses to keep your eyes closed. If you do not take precautions with the eyes, they can be damaged or irritated by the dust that the machine releases or sawdust floating in the air.

Changing a Table saw Blade?

Changing anything on a table Saw can be scary, but in reality, it's simple and clear. Think about security measures and having the right tools. First, you need to make sure the table saw is off. Unplug the power cord and make sure the knife does not turn when you press the power switch. When everything is ready, you can start.


In the end, it is crystal clear that purchasing a table Saw can’t and shouldn’t be done with mediocrity and ignorance. You have to do your homework by understanding the type and size that best suit your requirements.

Also, I hope you understand from the overall, evaluations, that there is not a bad table saw neither is there 'the only good' table saw but rather they are all useful with the function they are designed to perform.

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