Best Worm Drive Saw You Should Get In 2021 – Top 5 Consider Product Before Buying

Are you looking for a powerful, lightweight, portable and reasonably – priced worm drive saw for your wood workforce but the saws do not fulfill your requirements?

Choosing to buy a suitable worm drive saw for your carpentering, you may feel confused among so many available brands in the saw market. If so then continue with this article to pick up one best affordable, of high quality and most importantly with all the satisfactory features. To narrow down your choices, today we are reviewing the best suitable worm drive saw models from 4 prestigious brands.

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What Is A Worm Drive Saw?

A worm drive saw is the latest product line for circular saw that is prior to performing tough jobs such as carpentering hard wood, framing and constructing. To differentiate a worm drive saw from other types, it has a motor on the right of its blade while others are on the left.

The worm drive saw is assessed to outweigh sidewinder saw or bulky ones thanks to its smooth running and outstanding features. Now, look at the reviews for top 5 worm drive saw models from 4 famous brands.

Top 5 Best Worm Drive Saw Reviews 2020

1: DEWALT DWS535 7 ¼ – Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw

The Dewalt DWS535 is well – designed with safe blade housing and handler; the rectangular cogs are one plus point for power boost. The stainless housing and hard plastic – wrapped handler guarantees your safety.

Especially, the blade is 7 ¼ in size, which leads your hands to cut large wood plates simpler and faster, even cuts wood plates 2 ½ – inch in width. Most importantly, the cord jerk protection is 4 times – bettered thanks to tough – cord system. Besides, bevel degree capacity is large, up to 53 to create easy cut on slope.


  • Easily cut through anything hard, including thick wood plates and concretes with straight lines
  • The on the right – motor prevents sawdust and sharp debris from getting to users’ eyes
  • Powerful enough for tough work and heavy duty with high accuracy
  • The blade cut makes light work with loaded with torques
  • Easily measure the cut depth with depth gauge and handle with rafter hook
  • Easy to adjust the settings and to clean


  • A bit heavier than other saws of the same class
  • The blade rotation is slower and the operation is a bit noisy
  • The magnesium base plate is thin and fragile
  • Quite pricey for home users


​2: SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 15-Amp 1 ¼ – Inch Lightweight

With a reasonable price base, you will own this Skilsaw Model with an excellent design, including a firm handler and a convenient rafter hook for your left hands to hold and stable the saw.

The machine is brilliant as you can side your cut with much ease with all the sawdust dropping down to the ground. Cut depth measuring and cut accuracy will be not a trouble even for a beginner in wood working. Now, look at the following advantages of using a Skilsaw SPT77WML-01.


  • Easily adjustable cut depth for: ¼, ½ , ¾ ply
  • Rocket saw power with a dual – field motor on the right of the blade
  • 0o – 45o bevel creates favorable to make true cuts
  • Easy to control and balance with ergonomic handler
  • Adequate view down the saw blade to avoid unwanted wounds


  • Quite heavy to hold on
  • Foot accessories for a Skilsaw do not fit
  • The saw control is complicatedly manufactured


3: Bosch CSW41 7 ¼ – Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw

The Bosch CSW41is an advanced unit of Bosch brand with more comfortable control and handle. The saw book is a built – in design to provide larger – space for cut storage.

Luckily, this model is equipped with all good inside parts like on board wrench of multi – function, low guard for anti – snag and the saw blade loaded with high torque.


  • Require 15 –Amp and lightweight is lighter: 13.2 pounds
  • Durable, long lifespan with sturdy design of magnesium housing, magnesium footplate
  • Gear life is increased thanks to new professional lubricant system
  • Smart and attractive designs for bringing around the workforce
  • Quick familiarization for beginner and non – professional carpenters
  • Easy to clean


  • The motor is easily dry and needs to be provided with oil lubricant right away
  • The saw gets hot quickly though the power is good
  • Do not perform very well with tough work


4: Makita 5477NB 15 Amp 7 ¼ – Inch Hypoid Saw

Makita is a reliable brand with simply design but robust motor. The saw model requires 120 volts and weighs about 18 pounds. In terms of working performance, many users find nearly no flaw in the motor and even trust it truthfully after the first time.

The moderate size fits hand sizes and the operation is smooth without irritating noise. Full power makes cutting fast but still accurate. The cut depth includes: ½, 1,1½ , 2x and bevel detents at 0o -51o for better cutting on sliding surface.See more Pros below.


  • Super powerful like a beast in cutting
  • Smooth running with optimum noise
  • Hypoid gear is a feature of the saw to create constant great power
  • Made of high – quality materials and professional system: sealed gear housing and heat – treated gear to reduce maintenance budget
  • Easy to adjust cut depth and bevel
  • Score concretes well with accuracy though it’s tough
  • Have long life expectancy


  • Far heavier than other types of saw
  • A bit pricey for personal working at a basic level
  • Difficult to keep balance, for beginners’ using


5: Makita 5377MG Magnesium 7 ¼ – Inch Hypoid Saw

Out of the best professional worm drive saws from Makita brand, we cannot omit this model 5377MG Magnesium. The machine is equipped with all outstanding features which solve problems of using other saw types.

Be super powerful, the model distributes 4500 RPM, required 15 Amp and with winding compression technology. Using magnesium is not unique by any saw brand but coming to Makita, you can see the outweighing benefits with this saw.

Professionally, the powerful motor is cooled by a built – in fan while other types seem to have a burning motor. The long cord is now no longer a problem if you decide to make use of this model.


  • The most powerful worm drive saw of all units at the same class
  • Easy to handle and balance at the jobsite with tough jobs
  • Less weight (just 13 pounds) thanks to magnesium components
  • Bevel detents at 51.5o
  • Cutting depth is perfectly measured and have large cutting capacity
  • Long lasting and help save maintenance budget


  • Highly priced
  • Only suitable for tough jobs for simple handling
  • Oil lubricant is leaked if it works too much


Based on 5 products – reviews above, the DEWALT DWS535 7 ¼ – Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw (#1) and Makita 5477NB 15 Amp 7 ¼ – Inch Hypoid Saw (#4) are more favorite and can meet almost all the demands of a beginner or a professor in the fields using worm drive saw.

However, when coming to real use, the latter tends to be dry quickly and easy to be worn. Additionally, this model of Makita, because of owning much power, gives more difficulties for newbies in wood working to balance and operate.

By contrast, the former is less powerful but still enough for professional working. The running seems to be easier and less heat is generated, which ensures the good condition for its motor.

The model coming from Dewalt has affordable price, brings smooth operation and true cut with simple control. Furthermore, Dewalt products are well – known for its long lasting durability and cost saving.

From the analysis and ratings above, obviously a DEWALT DWS535 7 ¼ – Inch Worm Drive Circular Sawgains more advantages over the rest, suitable for both carpentering and constructing.

What Should You Consider When Buying A Worm Drive Saw?

It may take very long to pick up a satisfactory circular saw if you do not have a plan for it. There are too many things to consider and reconsider, let alone choosing in a limited budget. Simply, have a schedule and a list including things to consider when it comes to purchasing a worm drive saw. Now, look at the buying guide below.

​1. Blade and Gear Equipped

The soul – part of any saw is the blade which is to cut your target objects. Unlike band saw and hand saw, a worm drive circular saw has clear cogs which may reduce the saw speed but more effectively with high torque loaded.

The blade is protected by sturdy housing to avoid wounds during the operation. The footplate accessory can be a plus mark for worm drive saw as it fits the machine and sawdust is reduced to the maximum.

​2. Lightweight’s a Vital Feature

For other machines and tools, the weight is not a matter but it is with a circular saw. Undoubtedly, it’s terrible if handling a hand machine for too long and it has a direct impact on your safety.

The appropriate weight is around 13.0 pounds. Holding a light one prevents it falling straight to your feet.

3. Bevel Capacity

Most of worm drive saw models have large bevel capacity. It fluctuates from 22o – 53oand that is ideal for professional performance. Testing the saw operation is needed to check its bevel.

Some models have very large capacity of bevel but the users cannot control the blade when they have sliding cut. That’s dangerous for them so it’s more reasonable to pick up one unit with moderate bevel capacity (22 – 45 degree) for those who work on the machine regularly.

4. Saw Motor and Power

This is the most significant factor you need to consider because cutting efficiency depends on how powerful the worm drive saw is. The 4 brands mentioned above all produce fully – powered saws.

However, the fact the more powerful the better is no longer true for the more power, the more dangers. You should only select the circular saw with enough power for your work. It’ll perform excellently and come to your expectation.

5. Other Considerations

In addition to important factors related to saw running, prices, brands and warranty should be also noticed because they affect the machine durability and performance. Within a small budget, you can afford a flawless worm drive saw.


Now, you may make your own decisions and your favorite saw model. We have searched a lot of reviews for circular saw types and directly experienced many of them. Don’t worry too much as we’ve helped you pick out the DEWALT DWS535 7 ¼ – Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw  with the most outstanding performance and protection.

We hope that you will buy the saw and have good experience with it. Don’t forget to leave here a comment/ a review for this machine and share this article if you love it!