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Jigsaw Or Circular Saw – Which Is The Right Tool For You?

Undoubtedly, the jigsaw and the circular saw are among the most popular power tools that you can find in workshops and garages. They are both powerful tools which you can use to perform a lot of different tasks.

If you are searching for the first tool to buy, many people would recommend the circular saw. Some would recommend the jigsaw. So what tool is the right tool for you, jigsaw vs circular saw?

Check our guide below for the features of the jigsaw and the circular saw. Also, learn about what they can do and the main differences between these tools in order to decide whether they are the right tool for you.

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Chop Saw Vs Miter Saw – Which One Should You Use?

For many people, the chop saw and the miter saw are basically the same things. People get confused because these two tools look quite familiar. However, that is not true. While these two power tools have some of the same functions, they are two entirely different units. Each of your specific needs might be more suitable with different power tools.

That is the reason why you need to understand the key features of the miter saw and the chop saw in order to choose the best tool. Take a look at this article below for the comparison of the chop saw vs miter saw as well as the pros and cons of each of the tools. Hopefully, at the end of the article, you would be able to decide on which tool- the miter saw or the chop saw- that you should buy.


How To Cut Steel Pipe

For a thin sheet of pipe, you can easily use a pair of compound snips or a nibbler to cut through it. However, it will be more difficult if you want to cut a steel pipe. It is thicker; hence, it would need different types of tools for this job. For cutting steel pipe, you would need some kinds of saws including hacksaw and power say. Torches can also be used in order to cut steel pipe.

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How To Bend And Cut Rebar

Rebar is a form of steel concrete reinforcing bars which are widely used in constructing and forming building structure. It can also be used for reinforcing concrete work. While the rebar is tough, it can be easily bent for it to be used in landscaping as well as other art projects.

There are several types of rebar with different sizes. One of the most common types of rebar which is used by DIY hobbyists is the #4 rebar. It is ½ inch in diameter. With this rebar, you can use a hacksaw to cut. On the other hand, with a bigger rebar, possibly the one that is used in industrial concrete work, you would have to use hydraulic shears or benders for the job. A cutting and bending machine is also a great choice for you if you want to cut a lot of rebar in a short amount of time.

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The Ultimate Guide On How To Cut Formica

Formica is a form of a plastic laminate. Many DIY hobbyists like to work with this type of material as it is versatile. In addition, it offers a huge selection of colors, textures, and finishes. Whatever color and texture that you need for your project, you would be able to find it in Formica. Moreover, this material is easy to work with thanks to its durability. You can choose a jigsaw, a circular saw or a laminate router for cutting Formica, depending on different needs. For a thinner sheet of Formica, you can use a utility knife for the project.

Nevertheless, if it is the first time that you have to deal with Formica, you might get into some common problems such as getting cracks and flakes when you try to cut this material. Follow this guide below for how to cut formica without having to encounter such problems.

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Easy Ways On How To Cut Lexan

Lexan is also known as Polycarbonate. It is a type of lightweight plastic that you can use for various DIY home projects, construction projects as well as backing board. You can also use Lexan as a layer to add extra insulation to a wide range of items, from your corrective lenses, protective windshields and bottles. Thanks to the nature of the plastic, it is quite easy to cut Lexan with various types of tools.

Today, we will show you how to cut Lexan with our step by step guide. Most importantly you need to think about the right tool for the project. The choice of which tool to uses depends on the thickness of a piece of Lexan, the patters you want to cut and the purpose of the project. Then you can follow the other steps on handling the chosen tool to cut Lexan nicely and smoothly.

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How To Harden Wood – 3 Ways

A piece of rotted wood deserves a second chance. Do you know that sometimes, wood which seems to be such a waste as it is soft and rotted can be hardened and useable? If you know how to harden wood in a proper way, it can be firm enough for fixings as well as structural integrity. Take a look at the article below for some of the most effective methods you can use to harden a piece of wood.

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How Are Matches Made? What Wood Are Matches Made From?

Matches are probably the cheapest and most convenient thing that you can use to ignite a fire. You can easily create fire with matches, especially when you want to make big fire from chunks of wood logs. Not to mention that they are super compact and portable. Undoubtedly, matches are the invention that hugely impacts our daily civilized life.

Like other big important inventions along the course of human race development, there had been different materials, chemical ingredients as well as designs which are used to make into a match. However, the best and greatest option was finally developed in around the 1800s by a Swedish chemist.

If you want to know more about this wonderful invention and are currently seeking for answers such as “what wood are matches made from?” or “how are matches made”, take a look at this article here for the ultimate answers to your questions.

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All You Need To Know About Wood Glue – The Ultimate Guide

Wood glue is not as simple as you might think. While the main purpose of wood glue is to help you to glue pieces of wood, there is a wide selection of types and brands that you can find on the market Each types of wood glue is made from different materials. As a result, their characteristics of these glues are different. There are different pros and cons for each type as well.

In case you are looking for a guide on how to use wood glue or seek for some questions such as “How long does wood glue take to dry”, the answer would not be the same for all types of wood glue. In fact, different types of wood glue would have different time for it to dry. In addition, other factors such as the weather and the humidity of the wood can affect the time a type of wood glue takes to dry.

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