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Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw 2020 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Having the best set of tools to carry out a job and knowing where to find it is what all professionals and enthusiasts crave for. For professional and enthusiast woodworkers, the limitations of a miter saw causes waste of time and restricts your creativity. With the invention of sliding compound miter saw comes the flexibility and versatility you have always wanted.

For a novice, a miter saw is a woodworking tool that is used to make neat and accurate cuts on a wood. But this tool is very restricted as it can only make miter cuts and can work in only 90 degrees. This brought about the need for a compound miter saw whose only difference from a miter saw is that, it can make bevel cuts i.e to make cuts at an angle above 90 degrees.

There were still limitations to the compound miter saw, as it can only cut woods within the range of 6 to 8 inches.Cutting thicker materials was difficult to near impossible. This brought about the need for a sliding compound miter saw.

A sliding compound miter is more or less like a compound miter saw with an additional guiderails which allows the head of the saw to move back and forth. This allows you to make lengthier cuts. So in essence, this saw combines all the attributes of the previous two editions of miter saws with an additional guide rail, which means that it can make a miter, bevel, lengthier and thicker cuts.

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7 Best Chainsaws Review for 2020

We all know that cutting and falling of trees, making firewood, and many more isn’t an easy task. Especially, when you’re a newbie with thedesireto get a professional cut that’s accurate and neat. These tasks can, however, be simplified using the best chainsaw.

The chainsaw if properly used serves different purposes aside from the conventional functions. They also help to mitigate common accidents like laceration, amputation, kick-back and others associated with wood cutting.

Especially, if proper prescribed measures including the use of protective are observed.

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Best Random Orbital Sanders In 2020 – Top Picks and Reviews

Sander, for any meaningful woodworker is a must and not an option, while there are several categories of sanders woodworkers can pick from, random orbital sanders are unique and stand out for their versatility, efficiency and comfortability.

The closest in hierarchy to random orbital sanders are called orbital sanders, which may be confusing by how similar the name appears, but there are indeed significant differences between the two.

Aside that, selecting an ideal random orbital sander for your purpose may be a daunting endeavor, you can mistake an orbital sander for a random orbital sander, plus, random orbital sanders differ in purpose and function and the market is flooded with hundreds

As it addresses the difference between orbital sanders and random orbital sanders, this guide will help you make a weighty decision when going to the market for your next random orbital sanders; what to look for in your next sander, how random orbital sanders work, the upsides and downsides of random orbital sanders. With it, you will be equipped with all necessary know-how to pick the perfect match for your purpose.

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Best Battery Chainsaw In 2020 – Top Reviews & Comparison

Recently, there has been an outcry by woodworkers and other professionalswho uses chainsaw, citing the high cost of fuelling their machines. To overcome this, technologists have innovated more advance chainsaw that uses battery. These battery chainsaws are not only effective in executing small tasks but also, they are safe and easy to use.

However, these battery chainsaws are available abundantly in the market with some however inferiorly made. This kind of machine if used may frustrate your work and even make woodwork a difficult task. To overcome this, we strongly implore you to carefully pay attention to our guide as all the factors needed to secure the best battery chainsaw will be revealed soon.

Factors like the task you intend to accomplish, power option, safety features, price, charging time, durability, and many more are among the features we looked into and they will be detailed below. Let’s dive in.

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Best Table Saw Blade In 2020 – Which One Is Right For You?

Want professional cuttings within a short time range? Use a table saw blade. The best table saw blade is the one that can perfectly fit into your table saw and carry out cutting activities without giving you any hassle.

Carpenters, hobbyists, and or DIY’s who value their work use the combination of a good table saw and blade that are well fitted to achieve precise cuts. The precise cutting of wood and other materials associated with the table saw directly depends on the table saw blade. Otherwise, an inaccurate cut that may be frustrating and give unprofessional result.

Due to this, we say it is vital to carefully select the best table saw blade when you are ready to get one. Although, the table saw blades come in different sizes and shapes. The type to buy depends on the type and thickness of wood /materials to cut.

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How To Use A Circular Saw?

Circular saw is a crucial part of all carpenters and craftsmen’s toolkit. The circular saw makes it easy to get clean and precise cuts via a large variety of different materials. It is as easy setting a saw blade to an appropriate angle and depth, lining up with the material, & guiding it easily over the already drawn measurement lines. Also, before you start sawing, it is quite essential to get familiarized with different design features that you are using, & be sure that you wear gloves & eye protection for keeping yourself secure whilst you work.

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