How To Cut Angle Iron – For Your Tips


Angle grinders become more common in both construction and household to repair furniture or to have homemade applications. Nevertheless, not all of us make use of the machine and know how to cut angle iron. In this article, we will help you get familiar with the angle grinder to cut hard materials.

#1. Choose the Angle Grinder

If you are still wondering about how to cut angle iron, the first thing you should do is to choose a suitable angle grinder. The best angle grinder can make fast cutting results with high precision with right size and angle.

The main function of an angle grinder is to cut hard materials, so the machine must be made of durable materials and can work well in water to use properly outside in different weather conditions.

Depending on your purpose, you can choose the angle grinders and grinding disc which are most convenient to use and durable. For example, the full size angle grinders used in construction or the portable angle grinders used at home.

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Below are some useful tips to select the suitable angle grinders:

  • Find out all necessary information of the angle grinders, such as the manufactory, warranty service, technical indicators... and compare different machines from the same price range together.
  • A good angle grinder should be able to cut different hard materials with little time and easy to use.
  • The shield of an angle grinder can tell a lot about the quality of the machine. If it is made of quality materials, the angle grinder can be used in hash outdoor condition.
  • Determine the cutting materials to choose the most suitable angle grinder.

#2. Safety Rules When Cutting Angle Iron

During the process of cutting angle iron, there are many risks from dangerous spark fire. Thus, you must comply with the following safety principles:

  • Always wear protective gear: gloves, ear muffs, especially eyeglasses. Avoid wearing loose clothes because it can be pulled into the blade causing undue accidents
  • Make sure the power is off when moving the angle grinder to other location
  • Do not use the angle grinder in any explosive environment
  • Do not leave the machine near high temperatures, oil, sharp objects.

#3. Use the Angle Grinder Properly

Before starting cutting iron process, you need to prepare all necessary items, including:

  • Technical tools: welding machine, torch, angle grinder with a cutoff wheel or a chop saw, chipping hammer, wire bush
  • Safety equipment: safety goggles, ear hearing protection, dust mask, welding gloves, welding mask, respirator…

Let’s follow the below steps to know how to cut iron properly:

• Adjust the angle you want to cut:

Iron cutter can adjust to 0o to 45o by virtue of the angle gauge to blocking the angle 7th with appropriate dividing lines. Positions of 0o and 45o are respectively located at the last stop of the angle grinder. In order to adjust the angle, simply loosen the locking screws 13th of the locking bar by the hexagon head 14th. Then you can adjust the desired angle and tighten both locking screws as before.

• Manage and secure the position of the iron on the machine:

For the too small iron, if you can’t grip and secure it to the machine, you shouldn’t try to cut to avoid unintended accidents. As for long iron, you need to wrap the remaining part to prevent the sharp edge may cause pain to users.

You place the iron against the 7-point grip, followed by screwing the 8-point grip to the iron.

• Check machine whether it has any problem:

If yes, you need to maintain carefully, repair or replace broken parts. This step is to make sure it works properly and avoid unforeseen accidents.

• Start using angle grinder:

After checking the operation of the angle grinder, start the machine. Hold the handle of the angle grinder and pull it down slowly and cut iron with even force. Turn off the machine and wait until the blade stops completely.

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#4. Tips When Cutting Iron

  • The iron cutter can cut the steel bar easier if it has the shortest cutting length. You should cut in the thinnest part of the bar.
  • The pressure can’t help to cut the iron faster. Instead, heavy pressure will cause the engine to run slower and wear out the cutting blades so you don’t need to press too much while running the machine.
  • Cleaning the blade shield helps the iron slag fall off and does not fall on the blade when the machine is running due to high speed of blade rotate.
  • Use a wood panel to prevent stain on the floor in case of using an angle grinder on a concrete substrate.
  • Use a square meter to check whether the cutting blades are perpendicular to the cutting table.
  • Never use a table or pillow for a bundle of steel on either side of the blade. This will cause the iron to be ham mocked, causing the blade to bend or jam.
  • To create an accurate cut, use a small pencil to mark the position and exact cross section on the surface of iron, and place it in the correct position on the cutting table. If the mark is too hard to see, you can replace by the tape measure. Tape measure helps you to create the most accurate cutting lines, ensure the required size.
  • Concerning the long and heavy iron, you can use the hammer to knock the saw to locate the mark, then tighten the clamp and cut with moderate pressure.

#5. Maintain the Angle Grinder

  • After using the machine, it’s necessary to clean the ventilation compartment with a soft brush or use a wind blower to clean the ventilation slots regularly.
  • Periodic inspection of faulty or jammed components of the machine. If damaged, you must repair it before next use.
  • Preserve cutting tools with sharp edges reduces the possibility of jamming and is easier to handle.


Nowadays, the angle grinders are not hard to be found in household as they can help us fix and make simple furniture in no time at all. Hopefully, in virtue of the above tips, you have known how to cut angle iron on your own.