How To Cut Cast Iron Pipe By An Efficient Tool

Cast iron pipes were used in renovation constructions before the 1960s, and if you want to modernize these old buildings, you would cut cast iron pipes. Furthermore, realizing how to cut cast iron pipe is extremely crucial and vital in order to revamp.

Most of the workers possibly want to use a hacksaw to take on the task, but cutting cast iron pie requires the workers to have much endeavor and time. So, how to cut cast iron pipe by an efficient tool becomes a great question in this situation.


Things you need to gear up before cutting cast iron pipe

  • A snap cutter
  • A chisel
  • A chalk
  • A hammer
  • A wrench
  • A reciprocating saw

Is it problematic to cut cast iron pipe?

Like other construction materials, cutting process will not be awkward if you choose the right tool and practice the steps regularly. Here are four core steps which you should remember as follows

Step 1: Select the cutting method

Combine a hammer and a chisel

If the pipe is not linked to the wall, and you need to catch all the sides of the pipes, then you could cut the pipe by a hammer and a chisel.

Before using a hammer and a chisel, you should draw a line by the chalk around the pipe. Then, you take a chisel on the chalk line and combine a hammer to run in the end of the line.

You should revolve the pipe and the hammer around the perimeter till the pipe has already shattered.

Use a snap cutter

Once the pipe is put on the wall, a hammer and a chisel could not break the cast iron pipe instantly. In this time, you wish to get another effective tool to deal with this issue.

Instead of using the chisel and the hammer, you take a snap cutter (a snap cutter is also called a chain pipe cutter) to trim the cast iron pipe.

In addition, you should locate the direction of the pipe to have the right cut. You would combine strap hangers to decrease the movement and the shake while cutting if the pipe is horizontal. By doing this, you enable to reduce the state of breaking on the pipe.

It is easier to cut the pipe when it is vertical because you use the riser clamps to stabilize the pipe before cutting.

Please keep in mind that the chain pipe cutter might be more expensive than other cast iron pipe cutter if you use this blade a few times in your own house.

Most of the home owners rent this equipment for a suitable price in the woodworking stores or home improvement shops.

Use a reciprocating saw

If you do not have a snap cutter, you could use a reciprocating saw to cut the cast iron pipe. Before opening the saw, you also need to create the marked line by a chalk in the area of the diameter of the pipe.

Nonetheless, you should pay attention to the power of this equipment because you might lose the control in a few minutes, especially for the first time to use it.

Ask another person for helping you to hold the pipe precisely in place once handling the powerful tool.

Step 2: Make a marked line

Whether you choose a hammer and a chisel to cut the cast iron pipe or a blade of the snap cutter, you will need to spot the marked line to cut around the diameter of the pipe.

Normally, workers use a chalk to draw a line before putting the blade of the snap cutter around the pipe as they could remove the marked line clearly after cutting and keep the pipe clean.

On the flip side, you would make a new line easily if you might have a mistake around the diameter of the pipe.In a nutshell, you do not leave any perceptible reveal in your home renovation after closing the cutting process.

Step 3: Cover the chain of the cast iron pipe

Each of the snap cutters have been attached a steel roller at the end of a prong to cover the chain around the line and string it throughout the other side of the jaw.

Therefore, the steel roller could cover around the diameter of the cast iron pipe clearly.


Step 4: Secure the chain

To secure the chain, you should switch the handles of the prong deeply in order to tighten the chain around the diameter of the pipe.

The edges of the link’s chain will clasp the pipe tightly. If you find out there is something wrong in the edge areas of the pipe, then you would hit them with a wrench and a hammer.

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It is difficult to choose an effective equipment to cut cast iron pipe for those who do not have many experiences in dealing with renovation projects.

In this guide, you will know the number of cutting cast iron pipe tools and choosing your accessible tools in your task. Moreover, you will undertake the cutting process meticulously in the forthcoming time.

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