How To Cut Firebrick By A Powerful Tool

Firebricks are blocked materials used to withstand the fireplaces, the furnaces, and the fire boxes.

Fire bricks are different from regular bricks due to its temperature ability (firebricks are able to line up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit – the temperature of the firebricks are higher than the regular bricks).On the one hand, the chemical components and the platforms of the firebricks are also disparate from the regular bricks.

Thus, cutting the firebricks is also a little dissimilar than the regular bricks. You could cut the firebricks by hand or a powerful tool relying on your choice.

The trick question is “how to cut firebricks by a powerful tool” that you might wonder. In this article, we will break down the question and show you how to cut firebricks.


Things you need to gear up before beginning the cutting process

  • A hammer
  • A carpenter pencil
  • The firebricks
  • A circular saw or a brick table saw
  • A safety and breathing mask
  • The safety goggles
  • A chisel (Mason’s chisel or a fire brick chisel)
  • A hearing protection
  • A measurement tape (if relevant)

Starting your job

Some workers might want to use a saw to cut the firebricks while others could need to trim the fire bricks by conventional equipment – a hammer and a chisel. In this guide, we will introduce both of two tools to help you to select your appropriate tool.

Selecting a chisel and a hammer

Step 1: Make the line in the firebricks

You should take a carpenter pencil to mark the line on all of the sides of the firebricks. Instead of using a carpenter pencil, you could use the chalk line.

With the marked line, you need to create a – 90 degrees angle along a speed square. To have the right marked line, you should get the firebricks on the soft ground, on the soil or on the sand.

When laying the firebricks in these areas, you would reduce the blow of the dust from the chisel and the hammer.


Step 2: Spotting the firebrick

You use the chisel to spot along the marked line (across four lines) slowly, and you need to spot the firebricks about three millimeters only.

This task will create a groove in the firebricks along the marked line. You should repeat the task in all of four sides.

After having the groove on four sides, you could have a heavy blow on these sides of the firebrick. It might split the brick into two pieces.


Step 3: Get out of the rough points

Once you use a hammer and a chisel to cut the firebricks, you need to remove the rough points from the fire bricks.

You could use a hammer, a chisel or a mason’s hammer to do this step depending on your option. With a hammer, you are able to take it in one hand while holding the fire brick with the other hand.

When you want to use a chisel and a hammer, you should put the firebrick in the sand or other soft lands and using both of your hands to do the job.

Repeat the task until you see the rough points disappear in the firebricks.

Choosing a circular saw

Step 1: Create the marked line in the firebricks

In this step, you also use the same technique as selecting a hammer tool to cut the fire bricks. However, you need to wear the protection to prevent the potential damages in the cutting process.

You should wear the goggles to protect your eyes, the mask to prevent the dust, and the hearing protection to evade the noise from the circular saw.

Step 2: Cut the firebricks

You put one fire brick on a strong surface and keep it tightly. Then, you use a circular saw and take it on the side of the firebrick to begin the cutting process.

You might want to use a chisel and a hammer to handle the curved line and take out other surpluses. After that, you complete the cutting process in other fire bricks.


If you could estimate the marked line, you would not need to use a carpenter pencil to score the firebricks as most of the experienced workers usually do it.

On the other hand, you should keep the dust away from your eyes and your nose to finish the task.


The difference between the regular bricks and the firebricks

Though the firebricks and the regular bricks are the same when you look at them in the first time. However, both of them have different factors that you could not recognize.

The temperatures

With the firebricks, they could withstand the temperatures highly than the regular bricks (up to 18000F). They are strong, heavy and low porosity.

Thus, we usually use the firebricks to build in the cooking chambers as a wood oven, fire boxes, small or large industrial furnaces and making the fireplaces.

The chemical composition

The main compositions of a regular brick are silica, alumina, magnesia, lime, iron oxide and alkalies.

The major chemical ingredients of a firebrick are alumina (23 percent), silica (73 percent) and other compositions like the ferric oxide, titanium, and metallic oxides.

The chemical compositions of the regular bricks could connect and bond together while the firebricks might resist high temperatures easily.

The colors

Normally, the colors of the firebricks are white. You sometimes see the fire bricks have many colors like espresso, mossy green, red and jet black.

The various colors allow the firebricks match the applying erection in the same constructions, and regular bricks also have several colors depending on the type of the soil used.

The shape

The firebricks have the rectangular form and the regular bricks have many shapes that you could select them to build the constructions.

The thermal conductivityThough the firebricks could withstand high temperatures, they could not have the thermal conductivity significantly.

The low thermal conductivity provides a huge energy and prevents the passage of electricity to the walls or other platforms.

Therefore, firebricks are used in the extreme mechanical and other stress environments such as a wood-fired kiln or a furnace.


After reading and practicing this article, you will clarify that the cutting firebrick process is not a daunting task to attain. Furthermore, this is not a tricky task to try and handle it properly. You are able to cut it by hands or taking a circular saw as a powerful tool to complete your job.

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