How To Cut Granite

Granite is one hard tough material! It is among the most natural stones that can be used in your house for various purposes.

Learning how to cut granite is quite easy. Still, it requires you to choose the right equipment and have the right techniques in order to have a pristine cut.

There are several ways in which you can use including circular saw and wet tile saw. Depend on the size and thickness of the piece of granite that you would choose how to cut it accordingly. Read the article below for how to cut granite by hand in the simplest and most effective ways.


1. How To Cut Granite Tiles With Circular Saw

Granite tiles refer to thin piece of granite. Since the granite you are going to work with is not really thick, you can use a normal circular saw for the project.

>>> Choosing the right blade is important if you decide to cut granite with a circular saw. You can go for either diamond tipped blade or carbide blade. These blades would not be heated up or bind by the granite.

Tools that you need for the project:

  • A circular saw with diamond tipped or carbide blade.
  • Ruler and pen
  • A granite tile

Here are all of the steps to follow for cutting granite with a circular saw

Step 1: First, you need to measure the granite tile accurately. Then mark the line you want to cut with a pen.

Step 2: Put the granite tile on a working station’s surface and clamp it down with collars on both sides of the granite tile.

Step 3: Use a duct tape to cover the cut line. It would help the mark you draw on the tile stay and prevent the tile from chipping when you proceed to cut it later on.

Step 4: Then use the circular saw to cut along the line, just like when you use the circular saw to cut anything else.

Tip: This step is the most crucial step. You need to cut along the line slowly. In addition, you should ask other people to wet the blade during the process. This would help to keep the heat down and prevent the blade from going dull.

The main problem that you would encounter when you cut granite tiles cut a circular saw is that granite will chip out and there is more saw dust. The edge of the cut granite tiles would not be as smooth as when you cut with other equipment. Wetting the blade while you cut will help to reduce the amount of dust.

2. How To Cut Granite Slabs

In order to cut thick piece of granite- also known as granite slabs, you can use a tile wet saw. You can also use this tool to cut granite tile for more precise cuts.

Tools that you need for the project:

  • A wet saw
  • Ruler and pen
  • A granite slab

Here are all of the steps that you need to follow in order to cut granite:

Step 1: Fill the tank of the saw with water.

Step 2: Measure the tile and mark the line that you want to cut the granite into.

Step 3: Slightly adjust the guide on the cutting board to fit with the granite tile or slab

Step 4: Put the piece of granite laying flat onto the cutting board with one side leaning against the guide.

Step 5: Turn on the saw.

Step 6: Slightly put the slab towards the blade following the line you want to cut it into


3. Tips On How TO Cut Granite

Finally, here are tips you should know in order to cut granite:

  • Make sure you prepare a solid and stable working station for the task. If the surface where you use to cut granite is not stable, it will cause more vibrations. And more vibrations mean higher for the granite slab to crack. The safest way is to put a slab of granite on a work bench or a piece of plywood on the ground.
  • You can clamp the slab of granite down for better secure.
  • In order to reduce the level of vibrations which occur when you cut granite tile, you can cover the cut edge with duct tape. This would help to hold the tile and prevent it from cracking and breaking.
  • In addition, you should cut the granite outside. When you cut granite tiles and slabs indoors, it would create heavy and thick layers of stone dust. This will then lead to polluted indoor air. It is also not good for your health. Provided that you have no choice but doing this project indoor, remember to open windows and cover the doorways so that dust can’t go to live in areas.
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Last but not least, you should always remember to wear your personal protective equipment. It is more important when you cut granite with a circular saw as dry cutting would release more dust and affect your respiratory system. Hence, always, wear a mask before you start the project. Dust can also damage your eyes so wear your goggles before you work.


​As you can see, there are a lot of methods in which you can follow to cut granite. For cutting thin granite tile, you can use a circular saw. Alternatively, for cutting big slabs of granite, go for tile wet saw. There are several things that you should remember to cut granite effectively and safely as well such as securing the tile to prevent vibrations, wearing your personal protective equipment and working in a well ventilated area.

I hope all of the information above is easy for you to understand and follow. I am sure that with this article, you would enjoy cutting granite and encounter no difficulty with it at all!!!

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