How To Cut Hardie Boards In 3 Simple Ways

Hardie board is created by James Hardie, and it is also known as the cement board. Hardie board is pointed out to be popular and endurable in the construction material. Nonetheless, the cement boards also have both benefits and drawbacks to consider before using it. On the one hand, is it really difficult to cut when you want to do it by yourself?


1. The benefits of using the Haride board


Most of the cement boards will last a half century with limited interchangeable guaranty. It also has the insect resistant and avoids the salt from the sea. In general, cement boards are able to adapt all of the harsh environment and the tough weather.

Different display

Hardie boards could appear as various elements like a wood – shake siding, cedar shingles or the wood lap boards. Furthermore, you pick your favorite colors or appropriate colors totally that fit on your furniture. These colors could be durable from 10 to 15 year in the outside environment.


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Fire battlement

Haride board is made from 90 percent of the sand and 10 percent of the cement that supports it fight the fire. For example, a house which is also constructed from cement boards burned out, the next house has the 50 – feet distance could not be affected.

Storm protection

Imagine that you lived in the area where having storms or summer hailstorm in a year, would you think that your house still stays in these heavy storms? It could happen when you use Hardie board for a siding material. Hardie board is able to fight these natural accidents without continuing damage.

2. The drawbacks of using the Haride board

Expensive installing and the labors

Because Haride board has complex platforms, you will not save the budget to install these cement boards in your house.

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To apply the cement board, you need to have a detailed plan and choosing many workers to build. On the flip side, you also spend much time to wait and control the construction while doing the process.

You might be surprised that Haride board weighs about 300 pounds (100 square feet) and it is bigger than vinyl siding (about 70 pounds).

The cost of the maintenance

Although you will paint after 10 or 15 years, you could repaint repeatedly to keep the colors in the Haride board.

3. How to cut the Haride board?

Prepare the tools beforehand

  • The gloves;
  • Eye goggles;
  • Dual-cartridge respirator;
  • A power tool (circular saw, a wet saw, a jigsaw);
  • A hammer;
  • A marker;
  • A utility knife;
  • A scoring and snapping tool

Cutting the Haride board

Use the score and the snap tools

The easiest method to cut the Hardie board is that you spot the surface and break the sheet along the marked line. This is the same way of cutting the drywall.

In fact, you could use a utility knife or a carbide – tipped scoring equipment in order to spot the line. Do not forget to take eye goggles, dual-cartridge respirator, and the gloves to protect yourself while doing the process.

To use the scoring tool, you take the Haride board on a flat surface, and you spot the cutting line with a carpenter’s pencil. You should not use a normal pencil because it could not draw the cutting line clearly.

You take a straight cutting line about 4 – foot level or a straight line on the board. You go down on one hand of the straight line and tight the other hand of this straight line with your hand.

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Then, you draw the scoring tool along the edge of the straight line and cut a groove on the surface. To deepen the groove, you should draw the scoring tool about three or four times.

Furthermore, you stand on the board of the sheet and use your knee to prevent the back of the sheet and hold your knee directly behind the spotting line.

You curve the sheet against your knee in order to make the board break along the scored line. After that, you use a scoring tool or a utility knife to chop the fiberglass on the back of the sheet to divide into two pieces.

The broken edges of the board could be rough but you could make it smoothly by a rasp.

Try to use a power tool

If you do not want to cut the hardie board by scoring and snapping tool, you could try a power tool.

You should not miss out wearing eye goggles, dual-cartridge respirator, and the gloves when cutting the hardie board because many specks of dust could fly around in the cutting area.


To cut the straight line, you could use a circular saw with the wood – cutting blade and get the saw on the board slowly.

To be safe, you should take the saw that does not have many teeth. This is a small secret of experienced workers. However, you might want to take more teeth in the blade to cut the wood material as it is cleaner.

A blade with many teeth may cause several specks of dust in the air, and you will get danger when breathing in the area.

On the flip side, you could use the angle grinder with a diamond cutting wheel to cut the board but it will create lots of specks of dust in the air, and you will lose the controlling of the tool. Because it is more difficult to handle the power equipment than a circular saw.

Some workers also use a wet saw to improve its weak points. They could control the saw smoothly and save the time to cut while it does not make a few specks of dust in the air.

For those who want to ensure the cutting line in the hardie board or a beginner, you are able to try a jigsaw. You should take a jigsaw with a metal blade or a carbide – grit blade.


A jigsaw might support you to have the right cutting line slowly without much hassle, but you should change the blade after having six or seven cutting times.

Make the holes in the hardie board

When you want to have the holes in the surface from a tub faucet or toilet flange, this is the time to cut the board with the holes.

You draw the outline of the hole in the board by a pencil compass. Then, you get the diameter of ¼ inches in a drill and the series of a bore that near the spaced holes and the outline.

You need to use a hammer to tap in the center of the holes. The board will have the broken circle around the board and the board will crack along the holes.

To clean the jagged edge around the hole, you should use the pliers or the tile nippers.


Cutting the hardie board is not a daunting task when you estimate and cut in the right line. You could try different tools to recognize your own equipment while trimming the board. And you should not forget some safety tips before starting the process.