How To Cut The Marble By Hands

As you can see, pieces of marble appear in many sculptures, a magnificentdecoration material in several constructions. In the latest model of houses and buildings, marbles are constructed in floors, walls, sinks, etc. To cut the marbles, we need to use some kinds of blades such as gang saws, bridge saws, etc. Is it easy to cut marble by hands?

Before focus on cutting marbles by your hands, you needalso to know the types of the technology of cutting the marble. It is not difficult to use the machine as you follow the instruction from the manufacturer.

The key point is you need to choose an appropriate saw. A wet saw is a popular saw to cut the marbles because it is slow to cut it straightly. Other workers also use the tesserae instead of the wet saw.

The Kinds Of Hand – Cutting Marble

The conventional cut

Hammer and hardie are the traditional ways to cut the marbles. Though these tools are ancient and conventional, they are the best ones in cutting marbles.

The blade of a hammer is made from the steel andit is heated in the tip, especially the carbide tipped is able to cut kinds of glasses and marbles. The blade of a hardie is still made from the steel,and it is used in a sheet of wood.

Workers use these tools totally to increase the influence of the marble cutting. The hammer blade cut the top of the marble, and the hardie come across to chop the marble too. The marble is cleaved between these two blades.

The chopper cut

The chopper cut is also called the modern method from the conventional cut. You still need to use a hammer and a hardie to scratch the marble.

Nonetheless, you could put these two blades in a fly wheel to boost the speed. It is also accurate and easy when cutting the marbles.

The nipping

When the marble has the same size of one tesserae or a rod, it might be cut in regular nippers. You have to take more force than cutting the glasses, and the wheeled nippers could be damaged. Therefore, some workers agree that the traditional way is still the best method.

The Step – By – Step Instruction To Cut The Marble

Step 1: Prepare the power equipment

You need to have a wet saw with a high – quality blade like a diamond blade. If your budget is available, you could buy a diamond blade with a large wet saw. If you want to save money, you will hire these power tools.

You are also able to use a reciprocating diamond blade, but you might break down the marble. On the one hand, you need to take the protective eyewear, the gloves and the hearing protection on before starting your job.

Step 2: Supply the water source for the wet saw

Why does a wet saw need a water supply? Because water will support the blade avoid the state of overheating.

Furthermore, it protects the saw and marble to keep its working. Water will also pump a great energy to the saw.

Step 3: Create the cutting line

You use a marker to spot the points that you will cut. Or you can use a tape to mark the cutting lines. Do not forget to follow the cutting guidelines to have the right cutting lines on the marble.

Step 4: Put the marble under the wet saw and kick off the process

To prevent the potential accident in your fingers, you should take the marble in the right cutting line. And most of the block is also assisted.

Step 5: Continue to cut the marble

You should control the saw while cutting the marble to avoid the blade may cut on your hand. Therefore, you should not feed the marble in the blade directly to protect sudden accident and an injury.

Step 6: Maintain the process

You get the marble between the saw and the fence to let the saw do its job. When you look the saw do not have any marble, you should stop the process.

Step 7: Clean the saw

You get a small diamond blade of the saw to clean the jagged edges of the marble. Or you could take a grinder with a diamond wheel to get out of the jagged edges from the marble.

Please keep in mind that you should move the blade slowly to avoid it breaking down.

You take the wet sandpaper or the dry sandpaper to make the marble edges softly.

You should try a 120 grit and move with a 2500 grit paper.

It will help the edge of the marble glossily, but you should not use more than one grit might cut the marble sharply.

Step 8: Finish your job

Because the marble scraps can fly around in your work area, you should clean up these scraps and throw them away.

When doing this, you protect yourself by removing all of the small pieces. These pieces could sharpen and cut your skin on the surface.

On the other hand, you should wipe down the scraps in the wet saw and cool the wet saw before returning it in the old place.


If you are not sure to scratch the marbles for the first time, you should ask for assisting from an experienced worker. Then, you practice from him or her to cut the marbles by your hands slowly.Cutting a marble could not be a daunting task as you follow these step – by – step guides.