How To Cut Metal Roofing In A Few Minutes

Metal roofs are the greatest solutions for most of the buildings and residential houses due to its benefits like lightweight platforms, durable and affordable products. As metal roofs also have various patterns, cutting a metal roof could be a daunting task for homeowners. If they are able to understand the features of metal roofs, they will cut these roofs without much hassle. They will get out of the question “how to cut metal roofing” in their lifetime.

​Prepare something before cutting

Cutting metal roofing needs to reduce the risk of the galvanized zinc coating that could recover the opening area in these sheets if blemished during a period of time. Therefore, you need to cut the panels carefully. And prepare some essential equipment before cutting is also crucial. You should list out the tools as follows:

  • A power snip or a circular saw;
  • A combination square;
  • A calibrated tape;
  • A marker;
  • A number of metal roof panels;
  • A hearing protection (if relevant);
  • The gloves (if relevant)

In the cutting operation…

Step 1: Measure the roof

To measure the roof accurately, you should find a fixed surface. Then, you put the metal roof on the sturdy surface and switch the underside face of the roof. Because you have to control the panel while cutting the sheet.

After reclining the surface, you need to estimate the cutting line by using a mark and a calibrated tape. Check the points you need to cut the metal roof clearly. To ensure the cutting points, you use a combination square on the marking line appropriately. When the combination square is pulled into the trim line, you will know that you calculate the measurement meticulously.

The measurement process is important as the vertical line of the roof can tilt in a wrong position. The vertical line needs to be placed at an angle 90 degrees.

Step 2: Cut the metal roofs

Cutting metal roofing is the main part, and it also might decide the final product in a house. Therefore, homeowners may concern about their skills. However, once they understand and practice their techniques clearly, they will know that it is not a daunting task anymore. If they do not do it carefully, the surface of the panels will rust, and the roofing might be a cripple.

To kick off the process, you should choose and take the correct cutting devices. Thus, you need to focus on the power snip in order to trim the metal roofs.

For those who do not have experience about selecting the power shear, you should ask the experience from experts. Because you need to ensure the snip smoothly works on your requirements. Please keep in mind that a small wrong point could cause a huge trouble in the panels. After you have convinced evaluation and adjustment, it is the time to do your job.

Lots of home owners also use the circular saw to cut the metal roofs, but they should wear the hearing protection while trimming those sheets. Using circular saw is a perfect tool to trim thick roofs in many old buildings.

You need to draw attention to the diameter of the blade in the circular saw and it also fits into the bore as well. Furthermore, you could not miss out apply the tool to a workbench which could support you cut the sheets accurately and fast. On the flip side, a circular saw completely help you move the panels effortlessly.

Step 3: Finish your mission

You may reduce your pressure when moving in the final step, but you should not relax so fast. You need to control the shear slowly to cut the panels. Some points of the sheets might have a cautious spot.

If it happens, you could change another angle of putting the tool in the panel and pay attention to the cut line. Be careful and be patient are two key rules of having incredible roofs with a stable straight line.

The kinds of metal roofing materials

Why do you need to know the types of materials of metal roofing? Because the materialsalsoaffectyour cutting task as well as other factors in the structure of the construction. There are five main elements which manufacturers usually produce – stainless steel, aluminum, copper, zinc alloys, and steel.

The steel

Most of the metal roofs are made from the steel material. It is stronger and bulkier than aluminum. Because the steel usually has the corrosion and the rust, producers need to take a durable coating and a paint layer.

The aluminum

The aluminum also has the same characteristic of the steel though it is much lightweight and soft. Manufacturers also need to put two protection coatings in the material – an endurable coating and a paint layer to avoid the state of rust and corrosion.

The copper

The copper seems to be a perfect material to become a metal roof. It does not have the corrosion and rust. It also sturdy and soft enough to adapt the weather when becoming a metal panel. However, it has a competitive price (very expensive).

The alloy

Like the copper, the alloy could comply the weather and the condition of the environment. It also eliminates the weakness of the steel and the aluminum as well. Nonetheless, it is also expensive.

The stainless steel

For those who do not mind about the price of the material and pay attention to the quality, the stainless steel could be your option. It removes corrosion and the rust totally, and it is sturdy in the harsh environment. On the contrary, it has a terne coating to upgrade a high – quality control of metal roofing.


You need to practice the techniques, realize a few tricks and follow the step – by – step guide to cut metal panels by yourself. Once you know how to cut metal roofing, nothing can prevent you from cutting these sheets as a professional barber roofing. Moreover, you should consider to buy a high – quality shear and having some extra tools to do your homework entirely.