How To Cut A Stainless Steel– 5 Different Ways That Really Work

The stainless steel is one of the most popular materials for complex constructions as well as the household applications. Because it has the corrosion resistance, high and low – temperature resistance and other ideal features. Thus, you are not surprised bythat the appearance of the stainless steel in your lifetime. Have you ever asked “how to cut stainless steel” and “is it easy to cut it?”

List out the equipment before cutting

Are you excited to cut the stainless steel immediately? Wait a minute, you need to make a check – list tool before performing the main parts. Here are some tools you need to stay focus on:

  • The safety mask;
  • The gloves;
  • The hearing protection;
  • The plywood;
  • The safety glasses;
  • The blade of the metal cutting;
  • A circular saw, an abrasive saw and a straight saw;
  • A marker;
  • A strong and stable surface

Certain Factors To Consider Before Beginning Your Performance

Now, this is the time to check out some fundamental considerations that most of the machinists sometimes forget and skip.

Normally, there are four main points in the process of cutting the stainless steel – the blade speed, the lubrication, the pitch of the blade and the feed (or the pressure) speed.

The speed of the blade

“Slow” – this is everything you need to remember when controlling the speed of the blade. It is should be slower than the cutting aluminum, non – ferrous materials and the wood.

The speed of the feed or the pressure

The speed of the pressure when cutting the stainless steel is hard, fast and dull the cutting equipment quickly.

From ¼ inch to ½ inch, the feed is suited between 1.7 and 2.3 surface feet per second, it ranges from 1 to 1.7 feet per second for 1 to 3 inches, and it also has between 0.7 and 1.2 feet around 12 inches.

The pitch of the blade

A ¼ inch is the available size of the blade comes from theplywood in order to sharpen the material and prevents the blade cuts the material directly.

Cutting A Stainless Steel (a sheet, a plate, etc.)

Step 1: Make a work space for cutting

A rule of thumb in cutting the metal materials is that you have to choose a sustain work area and it must be safe.

You should get the combustible items away because the sparks might fly around. It could be dangerous for you and anyone in the place you are cutting the stainless steel.

Therefore, you need to prevent these sparks from flammable and combustible materials such as gases, cylinders, pallets, etc.

By doing this, you will rescue your co-workers and you from deadly accidents that could be happened at any time.

Step 2: Try to cut with a circular saw

People usually use a circular saw to cut the wood, but you could also try it to cut the stainless steel in a plate (or a sheet) and other different situations.

When you find the appropriate type of the blade, the circular saw might cut kinds of the stainless steel like a thinner plate.

Take a metal cutting blade which is made for sturdier pieces of the steel firstly. Secondly, you put the plate on a surface that is made from a plywood to have a strong supporting.

Then, you spot a point in which you decide to cut the stainless steel sheet. After that, you cut the metal slowly and control the blade. It will move in the right place when you change the position.

With a circular saw method, you are able to use a grinder or a file to remove the metal silvers. It also helps you handle your task smoothly. You will reduce the time to clean the piece after finishing the process.

Step 3: Think of cutting the stainless steel with a saw by a handled equipment

If you are going to trim thinner pieces of the stainless steel, you could think of cutting it with a saw.

Some workers prefer using the pneumatic cutter because it will increase the power from the air pressure.

Please keep in mind that you should wear a full face shield to protect your face and your eyes as well because of the flying of the sparks and other small pieces of metal.

Before cutting, you need to mark the points that you want to cut clearly. Then, you put down the saw closer to the metal and do it slowly until you come to the end part.

Do forget to use a grinder to get the small pieces out of the edges.

Step 4: Get the experience with the plasma cutter

A plasma cutter is a state – of – the – art method when cutting the stainless steel material. The plasma cutter uses a strong energy to begin its work, and it cut thick pieces of stainless steel without much hassle.

You need to take the stainless steel sheet on a stable surface before opening the plasma cutter. When you can control the sheet on the surface, hold the negative cable tightly in order to cut the right points.

Then, you begin to put the cutting end by the torch (about three inches) and keep the torch away from the surface of the starting cutter and the steel. Because the torch will burn the steel and support you to cut the mark clearly.

Although the cutting line of a plasma cutter is smooth and clearer than a circular saw, you should handle it carefully with a steady hand to have the cut straight.

Step 5: Use an abrasive saw

An abrasive saw (is also called the cut – off wheels) is the best choice for cutting the thicker stainless steels. However, you will have many sparks and it does not cut to the lines accurately.

To start the process, you should add a rubber and a soluble oil to the saw. Moreover, you could rotate the saw at high speeds.

You also need to check the quality of the disc. A great disc is the fresh one without having other materials.

If the same disc has already been used to cut the steel, you could refresh all of the parts to remove the appearance of rusting and the corrosion that may come across.


When you use those five different ways, you will think that cutting the stainless steel is a piece of cake. You should also remember the safety is the first priority – one of the most crucial key rules to cut the metal material like the stainless steel.