How To Cut Thick Plexiglass Smoothly

Plexiglas (Poly methyl methacrylate) is also called the acrylic plastic which is made from stiff plastic, and Plexiglas sometimes are used as normal glass. Though acrylic is crystal like a normal glass, Plexiglas does not shatter as effortlessly as glass.

Nonetheless, plexiglas undoubtedly grazes at any time, it is much more difficult to handle and cut. Here are a few tricks to support you to cut the thick plexiglas without much hassle and save the time to do other tasks.



Equipment to prepare beforehand

  • Thick plexiglas sheets;
  • A grease pencil;
  • A rule or a tape measure;
  • A cutter;
  • Safety glasses;
  • Respiratory equipment;
  • The flat working area;
  • A powerful tool (a table saw, a circular saw, a jigsaw, etc.);
  • A yardstick;
  • The polish cut edge (if relevant)

How to cut thick plexiglas smoothly?

​Unlike other materials, the thick plexiglas has different sizes and the thickness level, so we could select appropriate saws to control and cut it.

​​Use the circular blade saw (or a table blade saw) to cut large sheets

​Step 1: Lay the Plexiglas sheet on the surface

​You need to put the plexiglas sheet in the flat working area firstly such as a table, a workbench, etc. Then, you lay a safety paper wrapping on the sheet.

​Step 2: Measure the cutting line

​To make the cutting line, you need a ruler or one tape measure and a grease pencil to make a marked line before starting the process. By doing this, you will know the marked line that you want to trim in the sheet.

​Step 3: Retain the sheet in one place

​To be secure, you should retain the sheet in a fixed place to prevent the sheet might fly in the fence, and the blade could cut in the wrong line if the sheet does not resemble the saw blade.

​Step 4: Choose appropriate blades to cut the sheet

​As thick Plexiglas is sturdy, you should also select a high – quality blade to deal this issue. In fact, you might find the blades which are made for cutting the thick Plexiglas only in the stores.

If you need to cut many pieces of the thick plexiglas at one time, then you could take a carbide – tipped blade to support you in this challenging.

​Step 5: Add more components to have a smooth cutting

​Workers sometimes use a coolant when cutting the thick plexiglas although is not compulsory in this procedure.

Furthermore, you are able to use the detergent and water in one bottle to create a mixture spray in order to put it in the saw blade.

You should not drop many components in the blade saw (just one to three drops only). These elements could help you cut the thick Plexiglas without a hitch if you need to cut several sheets.

​Step 6: Control the saw blade accurately

​Because thick Plexiglas cutting requires a high – level of technique, you should pay attention to the speed during the cutting time.

The best speed is about 3,450 rpm for trimming the thick Plexiglas. On the flip side, the feed rate of the Plexiglas might have around 4 inches per second.

You should retain the blade in a slow speed to reduce and stop the scratch after finishing the cutting process.

​Step 7: Solve the bumpy edges of the thick plexiglas

​Before stopping the procedure, you should not forget to remove the rugged edges around the sheets. You can take a wet sander, a power saw, a drill fitted and a buffer to solve this trouble.

​Use the jigsaw to cut the acrylic


​The step – by – step jigsaw instruction could be identical with a table or a circular saw, but the jigsaw could support you in different cutting.

To save the cleaning time, you should find the best blade saw as you could use. Intensity blades like a cylinder would reduce the resistance and the friction when switching the saw.

Try many speeds of the blade to realize the best speed of the jigsaw because higher level might cause an accident and lower one could make the Plexiglas melt.

Moreover, attempt to trim the plexiglas too much could melt the sheets unless you have the experience to handle this issue.

If the sheet melts, you could lubricate a few drops of an oil in the blade saw. Please keep in mind that you should not try to use an aerosol dispensed oil because it could happen a burn accident from the jigsaw motor.

​Use the conventional method to chip – scoring and breaking

​When workers do not have the blade saw to cut the thick plexiglas, they use the scoring and breaking instead.

However, this solution is available for cutting the thin sheets (less than ¼ inches) like the glass sheets.

To cut the sheet, you get the spots in the scoring in the marked line and the sheet will automatically break.

After that, the edges of the scoring tool like a single tooth of a circular saw (or a table saw).


​To have a smooth chip in the thick Plexiglas, you should choose one powerful tool like a table saw or a circular saw. Whether you take a modern method or the traditional way (scoring and breaking), you should not miss out the rough edges in the sheet after stopping the procedure.

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