How To Fix Warped Wood Floor Without Power Tools?

Having hardwood floor is always a beautiful addition to the house. However, one of quite big problems that many of us have to confront with when using this flooring is warped wood. After a certain time of using, wood tends to wrap as exposed to heat and especially moisture. Warped woodfloorboards not only make your floor look somewhat ugly but also may reduce their usage.


Therefore, we have to fix that problem to maintain the beauty of our houses in general and the hardwood flooringin particular. And in the today’s article, we will introduce some great tips on how to fix warped wood floor without using sophisticated power tools. Well, after having this post, who knows, you can fix your warped floor yourself. Now, let’s see what they are!


After months or years using wooden flooring, you may realize that your floor is not as perfectly flat as it was on the first day you bought it. The floorboards have been warped little by little due to the effect of humidity and temperature changes on the wood.

Even if you noticejust small warps on the floor, don’t ignore them because those small warps can develop into much larger warps someday soon that, of course,take you more time and effort and money as well to deal with the problem.

Before fixing the floor

The procedure for repairing warped wood floor needs to depend on the size of the problem. While fixing smaller warps just probably needs a few handy tricks, the larger ones mighttake us a lot more time and effort to overcome or evenrequires the service of a professional flooring contractor.

So, before you start fixing your floor, let’s figure out the size of your warp so that you can find the proper treatments for it. After identifying the bump’s size, it’s time for you to prepare necessary tools and materials as follows:

In order to fix the warps, you need to prepare:

  • A heavy object (a cinderblock for example) – To fix small warps
  • New wood planks and paint – To fix larger warps
  • 20-grit sandpaper, a portable hardwood floor sanding machine, paint – To sand the floor

When you’re done, let’s move on to the steps of repairing the floor. Right below here are particular fixing procedure for each size of the warps, from small to very big ones, for you to deal with the bump.

How to fix warped wood floor?

- For small warps:

​When you walk across the floor and notice a tiny warp or tiny warps in the wood, let’s repair it immediately when the fix for these warps are probably easy. To do that, please follow these steps below

  • If you find the wood still rather pliable, try wetting the warped area and then placing a heavy object, like a cinderblock for example, on top of the warp.
  • Leave it there and wait for a few days before you come back to see ifthe warp is really gone or not.
  • Make sure the cinderblock stays still in that positionin the meantime. (Don’t stub your toe on that cinder block!)

Well, if the warp is still there or even has gotten worse, you may have a bigger problem to deal with.

- For larger warps:

If the size of your warps is large that a cinderblock can handle, it’s time for you to consider a replacement job.

  • First, you need to identify the warped area to see which planks need replacing.
  • Then carefully take up all the warped planks and replace it with the new ones of the same color,width, and length.
  • Secure the wood boards, then you can paint the woodif it’s necessary in order to ensure a uniform look for your flooring.

- For very large warps:

In case that your wood floor hasthe very large or monster warps that seem not go away without major intervention, perhaps, you can’t handle this problem on your own. This kind of warps may come from significant water damage, excessive age, or years of neglect and that bump just can be well by a professional contractor. Fixing this problem might involve in ripping out your entire floor and replacing it. And you will get a brand-new floor after fixing the warps!

Sanding the floor – When should you do this to fix the warps?

Sanding is also a good option that many people use to fix warped wood. If you know the cause of your warps coming from changes in humidity or a water spill (not an underlying leak), sanding the floor might be a good choice for you to handle the problem.

This process requires an aggressive sanding technique which may take away up to 0.25 inch of the floor’s thickness, so you should consider it carefully before start sanding your wood floor. To learn the procedure for sanding and saving a damaged wood floor, you can watch this video now!

It’s not easy at all to fix a warped wood floor, so don’t neglect your floor. When you notice even a tiny wrap in the wood, then fix it as soon as possible by applying the tips mentioned above so that it won’t develop into larger one.Also, don’t forget to ask for advice and support from people around who have experiences of this type of work if you don’t think you can completely solve this problem on your own.

After all, we really hope thatnow you already know how to fix warped wood floor. Like and share this post you find it useful as well as let us know what you think about it in the comment section right below here.

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