The Important Worm Drive Saw Features You Should Know

Years ago, hand saw was once a great tool for outsourcing wood materials as well as cut down branches in the forest.

However, by dint of outdated features which could not help work on wood plates at an advanced level, circular saw was born and the typical model was Worm drive saw. Professional functions are set and installed with more gentle control or handling.


Many wood – workers, framers and constructors consider this machine as the most important power tool for their workshops.

At the beginning, tool testing is always required for an experienced and professional worker. Below parts provide details about how to test a model worm drive saw and figure out its configuration.

Noticeable Specifications

1. Without Hypoid Gear

It’s easy to understand why carpenters and workers in wood – related fields prefer to utilize worm drives. The inline saw band replaces the straight – line blade and fantastically, though the hypoid gear is not equipped.

2. RPM

We cannot just look sidelong at this tool because it absolutely creates very high torques, helps reduce much noise and vibration. Actually, the worm drive is designed long and narrow. Besides, geared saw bands are to run just 1000 rpm. Lifespan of the tool is prolonged as a consequence.

3. Worm Drive Saw Size

The most common size is 7¼ - inch. Searching for some prestigious brands like DeWalt, Bosch, Mikwaukee or Makita, you will also see this popular size but there are still some other sizes available at your request. With a home workshop, 7¼ - inch is the most favored and fit your embrace.

We have used worm drive saws in framing and shaping wood plates and now we are testing the machine in construction industry and forcing it to operate every day. Ultimately, results are as we expect and obviously, the tool’s indispensable in our workshop.

4. Worm Drive Power

Framing wood should be cut with the most powerful mode of a worm drive. Avoid weak power mode just because the less power, the less effectiveness. It’s the most suitable for cutting such wood with 15 – amp set. 13 – amp will bring less power.

With a 15 – amp worm drive, the weight often fluctuates from 14 to 15 pounds and rpm is around 4,400. Worry about the cut depth at different degrees and angles is no longer a matter.

5. Worm Drive Balance

Worm drive balace will be a lucky surprise for beginners or those who are seeking a machine as a substitute. You will feel the worm drive nose – heaviness for it has the grip in back and the out front weight.

Worm drives of DeWalt often has less nose – heaviness so the weight is reduced and hangling will become easier. In general, this machine is of the best – balance and holding the handler doesn’t cause any inconvenience for users.

For carpenters or framers who have to keep the tools frequently for a long time, weight balance is their top priority and a worm drive saw is the right one deserved.

6. Beveling Degrees

Similar to other saw models, a worm drive saw has common mechanisms to adjust the bevel and the depth of the cut. The mechanisms are operated very smoothly on every cutting line.

In addition, the depth of cutting depending on degrees is easy to read. Noticeably, a worm drive can bevel up to 50 degrees (10 degrees beveling more than old saw models) for sliding or steep cuts on edges, hips and some crooked jacks.

Additionally, adjusting cutting degrees to 40, 50, 60 and 90 is convenient with fine control mechanisms. The saw blade is well – designed, which is the feature expected the most. Sharp blade and bands are the basis for cutting at difficult points such as near the edge, the end of a wood plate.

7. Wormdrive Handler

The handler is designed with safety guaranteed, wrapped with hard material (mostly plastic). There are two holes for putting three fingers (middle finger, ring finger, little finger) and putting foreigner.

The thumb holds the outer to keep balance and the forefinger pulls the trigger. The trigger is rectangular with gentle in – out movements for light force used.

Buy A Worm Drive Saw? Why Not?

Picking your own saw models is pretty simple as almost all modern saw types have the same functions. However, to be with framing, smoothing edges and shaving off wood plate weight for a long time, a worm drive saw is brilliant.

The tool runs smoothly, ensures safety and creates nearly no hazard to the users. The tool can be closed to hide the saw blades to avoid unwanted touch and hurt. Last, the worm drive saw is portable, which meets all the requirements of carpenters. Please read best worm drive saw reviews.

Now, look at a brief view for a wormdrive before choosing a specific model:

  • Equipped stable handler and trigger
  • Portable and best – balanced
  • Power: 13 amp – 15 amp
  • Light weight: 13 – 17 pounds, subject to each model
  • Maximum bevel: 45 – 50 degrees, depending on types of wormdrives
  • Depth of cut at different degrees: 2 3/8’’, 1 9/16’’, n/a, 1 23/32’’ …..
  • Rmp: 4,300 – 4,400
  • Famous wormdrive saw brands: DeWalt, Bosch, Skil, Makita …


The worm drive saw belongs to circular type but the most typical model. A number of carpenters have it as their favorite tool in their wood workshops. The features above are elementary before testing and operating the tool in the right way.